How Does Google AdWords Work And Why Start Using It For Your Business Today?

How Does Google AdWords Work And Why Start Using It For Your Business Today.png

AdWords can help your business get noticed online in a way that no other service can. Google's search engine handles more than 40,000 unique searches every second. If properly used, AdWords can help your company connect with potential clients for a fraction of what other forms of advertising cost.

When you pay for AdWords exposure, you are able to take advantage of the world's most popular search engine. Your business will be able to select keywords that apply to the sector that best fits your demographic, and make sure that unwanted attention isn't paid for.

If you are already spending money on marketing and AdWords isn't part of that budget yet, think about what you are missing out on. In the world of mobile technology, Google is in the palm of everyone's hand. When someone needs relevant, up to date information, they open up a Google page on their smartphone. If you choose to use AdWords, your business can be prominently featured at the top of that list.

How AdWords Works For You

When you begin an AdWords campaign, you will select keywords and search terms that pertain to your business. If you are savvy, you will also select words that mean a lot to a prospective customer, but be of limited or no interest to people who are outside your target market. For example if you own a local pet shop, you can make sure that anyone in your area that searches for “cheap dog food suppliers in Ashby” sees your name at the top of their results on Google.

Of course you don't want everyone in the UK clicking on your advert if you only distribute in the Derbyshire area. AdWords lets you select geographic zones for your advert. It also lets you use negative keywords to make sure that similar-sounding searches don't cost you money.

For example; if someone searched for “industrial dog food material”, and your company offered distribution to the public, you could use “industrial” as a negative keyword to stop pet food manufacturers clicking on your advert. Your company will pay every time someone clicks on one of your AdWords adverts, so it's very important to ‘fence’ your demographic carefully.

An Inexpensive Option

Compared to other forms of advertising, AdWords can be extremely cost effective. Google allows you to optimise negative keywords to your benefit, and select niche keywords that don't cost a fortune. With a well thought out AdWords campaign, your business is able to get exposure for a price that would be unthinkable otherwise, especially in terms of traditional advertising costs.

Mobile technology is changing the way that people interact with the world, and Google is a big part of that revolution. For a company that deals in B2B services there really isn't a better option than AdWords. If your company is presently using local adverts, you need to start using AdWords. Google lets you isolate your target demographic using geographic information, and you can use time based promotions as well.

If you are offering out of hours IT support or want to get more last-minute accounting customers at the month end, AdWords gives you the ability to reach prospective clients in the moment when they are looking. There really isn't another service that will give people your information in a way that is both relevant and timely. When you examine what you are paying for other forms of advertising, an AdWords campaign will come away looking pretty cheap.

In addition to its potentially low cost, it reaches people in a way that is truly unique. This isn't to say that AdWords will always be inexpensive, but if properly managed, it can deliver a lot of value. Choosing the right keywords is very important, and using tracking software to keep an eye on what works will be a benefit to you as well.

Implementing AdWords

When you are just starting out, be sure to select your keywords carefully. Google has a huge reach so be careful. If you are vague, or use common keywords, you will spend a lot more than you need to. Integrating negative keywords into your campaign is important, and taking time to look for niche keywords will pay off as well.

AdWords will offer you instant exposure. As soon as your campaign is running, people will see your adverts right on their Google results page. Look at what you are spending now and decide how much you are willing to repurpose to AdWords.

One of the biggest advantages that AdWords offers is the ability to identify your winners, so be prepared to do some analysis. Working with an agency like JDR is a great idea, as we have more than a decade of experience running successful AdWords campaigns for small businesses. We will help you to get the most out of your time and money.

While AdWords is a simple, powerful system, if improperly implemented it could cost you a lot of money unnecessarily. Knowing the mistakes that can occur up-front will help you streamline your campaign, and start converting prospective customers right away. Get in touch for more information about implementing a personalised marketing strategy that brings in concrete results for your business.

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