Content Marketing Trends To Expect In 2018: Part 1

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Content Marketing has been well established for a little while now and is a strategy that has been adopted by many companies all over the world, ranging from a wide variation of industries.

Content Marketing is one of the most useful, practical and effective techniques used today and offers a wealth of advantages for small and large companies. The more content a website has, the more traffic websites will accumulate, as with every content post comes higher visibility in search engines. This will increase brand awareness and overall online presence.

High quality content will organically increase the trustworthiness of websites and greatly improve brand reputation. There is a direct correlation between having a better reputation and having a larger customer base – which can lead to valuable referrals and priceless word of mouth marketing.

However, just like most things in life, change is a given, so get ready for just. Here's a few content marketing trends to expect in 2018:

1) Personalisation

According to, 57% of shoppers are willing to give away their personal information in order to benefit from personalisation, and in order to successfully implement this trend, data is key. Before any form of personalisation is put into practice within your content marketing strategy, you need to know as much about your customers as you possibly can. This can be anything from their name, to their budget. This is the case for both B2B and B2C companies. This data can be collected in exchange for an eBook, for example.

2) Super Niche Content

Content Marketing's popularity has soared resulting in countless marketers fighting for the same audience, resulting in the need for super niche content. An example of this would be instead of creating content just about dresses, creating content about floral dresses.

3) Voice Search Adaptation

The 21st century has been pretty much lead by technology, with the ever-changing digital world impacting almost everything and everyone, including the way we market our products and services. An example of this growth in technology is the rise of voice searching. This means that instead of focusing on keywords within your content, you will need to focus on answering questions in a way a person would if speaking, such as long, specific, natural phrases. Because of this adaptation, you will gain more traffic to your website and increase overall brand visibility.

Hopefully this article has helped inform you of all the things you need to know about the upcoming content marketing trends for 2018. Look out for part two of this article in the New Year! If you have any queries, please comment below or call us on 01332 343281 for an informal chat.

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