SEO Copywriting Services: Why Outsource Your Website Content?

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There is no doubt that your business will benefit from good quality content on your website - Google’s Penguin and Panda updates in 2012 made it more important than ever to have good website content if you want to get great SEO results.  

Quality content written with sincerity for your target market will get you more targeted traffic, bring in more leads and improve your website conversions.

So, what is SEO copywriting?

Your content, sometimes also referred to as SEO copy, should be written from a poi

nt your reader will understand and connect with what you are selling or provid

ing on your website, and not be written so Google can find you and hopefully shoot you to the top of the rankings – that will come with a little effort and time. 

Your website copy needs to be logically organised, contain a true reflection of relevant keywords, phrases, headings and sub-headings, and it is also key to remember your content should contain quality grammar and be typo (spelling) error free.  

But here’s the problem:

Your first place is to sit down and have a good hard, and critical, look at your website content – if you don’t feel you can be objective enough, ask someone to look at this for you – maybe a friend or family member, or you can employ a company that specialises in content writing to do this for you.  Remember, good copy brings in quality traffic, leads and sales to your website so always worth the investment – whether it is time or money. 

Most marketers and business owners do not have the time to sit down, research, write, optimise and rewrite quality website copy. Knowing how to write content that is compelling to your target market and will persuade the human beings reading it to take action, yet take into account what Google’s computer bots want from the copy is a difficult skill. Poor quality content costs you time and money and worst of all – you miss out on traffic and conversions that should rightfully be yours.

The advantage of investing in SEO copywriting services means you can relax in their experience, knowledge and comprehension of the dynamics around your website and keywords and how best to incorporate them into your content for your readers gain, and ultimately for your business growth. 

When you take your cost per hour to the business, it’s almost certain it will be more cost effective to outsource that service. If you take in to account the fact that a professional will achieve better results in a shorter time frame, and then add in the opportunity cost of what you could be doing with your time… and it’s a no-brainer.

What now?

In the end, you want to achieve optimum results from your website and from the search engines, bringing you a consistent stream of website visitors which convert into leads and sales.

If you are waning in confidence to do this yourself, and you want to explore investing in having a truly creditable website, developing a profitable content marketing and search engine strategy – then JDR can help. You can get a free marketing audit of your website and online marketing – we’ll even look at your social media marketing and your mobile strategy with you. One of our experts will then run through our findings with you in a short online meeting – giving you the chance to steal a march on your competitors and bring your business up to date with the latest marketing strategies. 

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Article by Natalie Eastaugh