6 Digital Marketing Ideas for Easter


Easter is approaching very quickly and it will be a fantastic chance for you to launch many ideas to promote your business. Marketing during the Easter holiday will be very beneficial for your business, however if you do not act quickly then you might miss out on this time sensitive opportunity. 

Below are 6 marketing ideas to help you get started with your digital marketing plan this Easter… 

1. Special Easter Offers

Having special offers for Easter is a great way to promote your business, because although having special offers is not a new marketing strategy, it is still a very successful one. By having special offers with a quantity limit or time scale on them can encourage new prospects to make a purchase, this is because if buyers think that they are saving money they will act upon impulse and make a quick decision. 

Additionally you can reward your current customers. By doing this you will engage with them, making their customer service experience better. You could have rewards such as discounts or free trials, or even buy one get one free deals. This will make your current customers feel like they are being well treated and this will also allow you to engage with your customers and encourage new buyers.

Another idea could be to have competitions. Announcing competitions is a very effective digital marketing strategy, this is because competitions allow many potential customers to sign up or take part because something is being won. For example a travel company could offer a free holiday to the winner of the competition. You could also have a prize draw which your employees could take part in as well as your customers; this allows your employees to also get involved with the special offer not just your customers.

You can see more special offer ideas here.

2. Specific Products

If your business sells products then this idea could be for you!

Depending on whether your business sells products or not, an idea could be to produce a specific product for Easter. By doing this your business will be able to maximise its sales. However, you need to make sure that you do research for your target audience, for example you should research what type of things they would like and what they would buy because you don’t want to have a product which your targeted audience are not interested in.

You should also research your competitors’ Easter products. This is because you want to provide a product which is unique and different to your competitors’ products.

Once you have done the research you should inform your customers before the product is available, and also when it is available on your business website and social media channels. By sharing the announcement on social media channels, and also other media channels such as Pinterest, Photobucket, Flickr and Tumblr, you can promote the product. And by adding tags on the media channels such as ‘Easter Presents’ can improve the results on a search engine.

3. PPC for Short Term and Well Targeted Campaigns

PPC (Pay Per Click) is one of the very effective digital marketing strategies available. This is because you are able to see results within days rather than months.

PPC is less selective when targeting your audience this is because you appear higher on the results page on a search engine; therefore you will have a wider targeted audience. However if you wanted to reach a wider audience in a short time frame then PPC is a great solution for a business.

You can use Google Adwords for this so you are able to switch your ads off and on. This allows you to start a campaign before the event, such as two weeks before and then switch the campaign off the day after the occasion, in this case Easter.

4. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a traditional and cost effective way of marketing online. If you have built your business contact list over the years, then sending those updates about your business can be very beneficial. However it is always a good idea to ask your customers if you can send them regular updates. This is because not all of your customers will want to receive emails, and this could lead to them becoming disengaged and uninterested in your businesses services and products.

If your customers are fine with you updating them about your business then not only can you send them content about the business and the businesses services, but you can also inform them about promotions and time sensitive offers, this will encourage your customers to take prompt action.

5. Social Media 

Social media could fit into the marketing plan of a business by simply attracting more people. By using your social media profile you will be able to become more involved with your audience and allow them to become more engaged. The social media sites will also benefit the sales of the business by introducing new customers to your products/services, allowing them to increase and grow.

Easter also provides a great opportunity to try new things on your social media platforms, by doing this you can see which type of methods on your social media channels work best for your business.

Additionally you can engage with your customers by asking them to share pictures or stories with you. You could ask your customers to send pictures of Easter bonnets they have made or seen, or of Easter eggs; again allowing you to engage with your audience.

6. Blog Articles

If you have a company blog then it will be extremely useful to announce new products or special offers on there. However if you do not have a blog already, then you should consider having one soon. Having a company blog is very helpful because you can build an audience and you can also keep your customers informed about all of the new and upcoming events or news. You can also share information about your company’s history or showcase your expertise within your industry.

These are just some ideas you can incorporate into your digital marketing strategy this Easter. So whether you use these ideas or research your own ideas, make sure you stand out from your competitors this Easter!