3 Tips To Increasing Brand Awareness On Social Media

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One of the hardest parts of using social media for your business is getting your brand known. Not only can this be difficult to do on social media but it can also be difficult to do full stop. Getting your brand awareness increased can be a daunting task and many businesses don’t even begin thinking about this. Social media platforms are massive for businesses to use and when it comes to getting your brand known, social media is a great place to start. In this article, I discuss 3 tips that can be rolled out across your different social media platforms that can really improve your brand awareness!

Let’s begin with the first tip…

1) Add A Consistent Design Theme Across All Platforms

The first tip to increasing brand awareness is your different platforms design branding. It’s crucial that you brand every platform for your business the same. This will mean people will connect to your business even more on different platforms. No matter what industry your business is in your brand designs will consist of a certain layout, colour and font. It’s important that you carry these guidelines over to all social media platforms. The last thing you want is for a user to come across your different social media platforms and not any of them matching in any way whatsoever! You want the user to be able to link your design branding and business to every profile they go on. This will mean you’re much more likely to stick in their minds and get them thinking about your business.

Your branding design theme doesn’t just stop on social media. Your branding design needs to be consistent on everything you produce and own. This then gives a clear message to potential customers that your business focuses a lot of energy on self-branding. You can learn even more about branding your business with this great article - Learn The Importance of Creating a Strong Online Brand And How To Implement it

2) Interact With Followers & Fans From Your Business Page

Interacting with followers and fans can be a great task for getting your brand known on social media. If you start interacting with current followers and fans then word will soon get around about your business. The more you interact with your followers the more ‘real’ they will see your business. Knocking down the ‘personal’ barrier can be extremely powerful when using social media. Yes you may want your business to be seen as professional but people love to get a personal feel from a business. The more of a personal level you’re able to get to the better this is for your brand awareness. People will start to link your business up to an actual personal business, and this will mean they’re much more likely to use your business over a competitor.

You need to be flexible with how your business branding is seen. If you’re able to show two sides to your business this can have a positive impact.

3) Run Competitions & Giveaways

Who doesn’t love a competition or a free giveaway right? This is a tactic which is often missed by many businesses on social media and this can be a hidden goldmine! Many businesses feel that this is just a waste of time and money offering free rewards to social media users. If you’re able to run a competition or giveaway on your social media more people will come across your business profile.

The best example to use for this is the simple:

‘Like & Share our page before midday and we’ll pick a random winner to win XXX’

This then encourages people to share your page with their friends and family on their own social media profiles. Giving ultimate exposure for your business branding! Then once more people have liked your page you can then continue to make more posts regarding your business and services.

It’s not the case that you need to run a competition or giveaway every week but you do need to make the most of them when you do run them.

Final Thoughts

No matter what industry you’re in your business branding is important to you. The more you’re able to get your business out there the more people will contact your business for work. If you have any questions or need help with your company branding, get in touch today!

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