Solutions to Selling in the Covid-19 Era FREE Webinar

Selling In The COVID EraSales is getting harder

Today’s buyers are better-informed and more demanding than ever before and have higher expectations of the people they choose to work with. There is no magic bullet, or trick, to closing more business or having a reliable sales pipeline. This means that sales people need higher-level skills and mindset to be able to navigate and win in this more complex and challenging environment.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How skills and a positive mindset lead to consistent high-performing behaviours.
  • How to develop a range of skills that you can immediately apply in your business to help you win more business.
  • How good working practices lead to more sales.

We host this webinar together with our partners at ESI who are setting the Global standard in professional sales.

Alan Maguire

Alan Maguire – Founder ESI

Alan is Co-Founder& CEO of ESI. He has decades of experience in both multinational & start-up IT sectors having run businesses, commercial & sales organisations across the globe. The trigger for ESI was a recognition of a worsening shortage of sales skills globally - and the absence of skills development and certification solutions to address this problem.

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