JDR’s Complete Sales & Marketing System For Small Businesses

We have developed a six-step process designed to turn your website into a magnet that draws targeted customers to your business and uses automated marketing systems to work on autopilot to convert them into qualified sales opportunities.

It all starts with developing your strategy:

Strategy BEFORE tactics

A strategy is the foundation of any good marketing campaign, and as with the building, the deeper and stronger that foundation, the bigger the building. To define your strategy, we recommend spending 1-2 days with our consultants to help you map out your marketing roadmap, build those foundations and involve your team so that the whole organisation is aligned with your objectives. You’ll come out of this process with clarity, motivation, and with documented plans and goals that will act as the template for everything that happens subsequently.

Compelling Content

Our team will help develop a series of creative content plans designed to attract and engage your ideal customers. This content can include video content, infographics, animations, eBooks, webinars, blog posts, research papers and much more.

Multiple Traffic Tactics

Relying on one major source of traffic is risky – we believe in building multiple streams of traffic to your website, and in getting your content out to targeted users. Without this, your content can wither on the vine, and our team of SEO, pay-per-click, social media and email marketing experts can ensure your content reaches and influences a highly targeted audience.

Automated Marketing Systems

Modern technology is allowing us to do things with marketing that we could have only dreamed about 10 years ago. Marketing automation is a huge growth area currently and is the name for the technology that allows you to automate certain marketing functions. In this system, we use it to create a series of automated conversion funnels which work together to turn website visitors into leads and uses automated lead nurturing to educate and nurture prospects until they are fully qualified and ready to talk to you or your sales team. The beauty of this is that it increases your website conversion rate, builds a valuable opt-in database, and creates a long term pipeline of sales-ready prospects flowing into your business.

Align Sales and Marketing

In the industrial age, advertising and marketing created enquiries or sales leads, which were then passed to a sales team to pick up the baton. In today’s digital world, sales and marketing need to work closely together. We help integrate the two functions, firstly with technology, by linking marketing software to your sales CRM to be able to ‘close the loop’ and see a full picture of the buying journey. It allows salespeople to be able to fully understand how prospects have interacted with your website and emails and allows marketing to measure return on investment for social media, blogging and SEO – areas which have previously been very hard to measure. We also help by working with the two teams and implementing marketing solutions to help sales, and by ensuring the marketing qualifies, educates and positions prospects in the right way to maximise sales conversions.

Analyse and review

This process is not a one-time event, it is an ongoing cycle and needs to be tested, measured, analysed and tweaked at every stage to ensure the best results. When working with you, we’ll report every month on the numbers that matter, and we’ll constantly review what is and isn’t working to get better and better results as time goes on.

There are a few points to make about this system:

  • It is not ‘get rich quick’ – this is a long-term approach to building an audience, building a database, and ultimately building a pipeline of enquiries that will keep your business buoyant and successful for years and years to come
  • It is, in the long run, the most cost effective way of building your business. Advertising, telemarketing, email blasts and cold selling may all deliver short term results but in the long term turning your website into an automated pipeline of enquiries and opportunities will create more value to your business and more return on investment long into the future. And also, your prospects will prefer it – this is how people want to be marketed and sold to in the digital age.
  • It requires a diverse range of skills and knowledge – we are uniquely placed to be able to deliver this in your business, as we are the only agency in the UK with the combination of technical and marketing skills coupled with software knowledge and the coaching and business development skills needed to make it happen

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