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Now live on Soundcloud and iTunes, the Digital Prosperity Podcast is the audio version of our blog. If you like the blog, and want to stay up to date with the latest in B2B marketing, marketing automation, content marketing and anyhting else related to growing your business with digital marketing, then subscribe for free to get each new episode directly to your mobile device.

I've listened to podcasts for years - on long drives, while doing jobs around the house or while out running, and find them a great way to stay motivated and inspired rather than simply listening to the radio. With this show you'll be able to do just that! You can listen to the show on drives between meetings, on the commute to the office or any time you have

The Digital Prosperity Podcast is unlike most other marketing podcasts in that:

  • It's for UK business owners, so no American hype!
  • It's for small and medium sized business owners - no corporate speak!
  • We talk marketing, but without the jargon - we talk in straightforward language
  • It's not just theory - all the strategies and tactics we share we either do ourselves in our own business or with our clients

You can listen to the first episode on Souncloud for free here:

You can also subscribe for free by finding the show in iTunes - just search for Digital Prosperity Podcast using the Podcasts app on the iPhone.

NOTE: If you have comments or feedback about the show, questions you'd like us to answer or topics you'd like us to cover, then send them to we always love getting feedback and will respond to all questions or requests.