PPC & Google AdWords Agency In Derby, UK: Google AdWords Managed By PPC Experts

JDR Group are a certified PPC management agency based in Derby, UK, that has partnered with Google for a very good reason; billions of searches are conducted on this top search engine every day. With a managed Google Adwords campaign, you can be sure that your ads always reach interested parties.

In your Google Adwords review we’ll show you:

  • How to significantly reduce your cost per click.
  • The top 5 mistakes people make in Google Adwords.
  • How to turn Google Adwords from an expense into an investment.

And more…

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Why work with a PPC Agency to manage Google AdWords?

Managing AdWords well takes time, knowledge and experience (otherwise it can be expensive and ineffective) and not every business has this expertise or time in-house.

Your Questions

How much does it cost?

There are three elements: The cost of managing the account, the cost per click, and the total daily/monthly ad budget – and each vary according to industry, keywords, and the goals of the campaign. But once there is a profitable ROI, it doesn’t cost you anything.

Does it work?

AdWords always produces more website traffic, and (unless you have a disastrous product/service, market or website) always produces conversions – the issue is getting to a point where those conversions produce a positive return on ad spend.

Won’t my competitors keep clicking on the ads?

In a word, no – Google may charge you for a one-off click from a competitor but they can’t run up your adwords bill for you. If customers try, you won’t be charged for the clicks (Google detect these ‘invalid clicks and don’t charge you)

What We Offer JDR PPC Management Clients:

If you already have a Google Adwords campaign, our team of specialists can analyse it for you and provide you with a review of your current Adwords and other campaigns. Alternatively, we can formulate a new campaign to be managed.

What Does Google Adwords Do?

Many site owners erroneously believe that Google advertising is only for large corporations. What is interesting about Google Adwords is that they allow businesses both big and small to advertise to potential customers who are already looking for the products or services they offer.

When you choose JDR for your managed Google Adwords campaigns, you are choosing a company whose only mission is to get your business the exposure and the advertising results it deserves.

Why Choose JDR As Your PPC and Google AdWords Management Agency?

We take care of every crucial step in the Adwords process. Before we even set up your Adwords account, our team analyses keywords for your business, and then advises you on the ones that will get you the most return for your advertising budget.

Once that is complete, we then set about composing a different advert for each keyword. This will help maximise the click-through rate, or CTR on each, giving every ad the punch it requires in order to attract potential customers.

After the adverts are completed, we then look at each campaign to see where their effectiveness can be optimised even further. This involves ongoing campaign testing, as well as keyword testing and keyword costs. However, rest assured; you will never be out of the loop as we inform all customers should any new costs for their campaigns be a possibility.

There is no reason to waste money on your PPC campaigns when you enlist the services of JDR. Our services can also save you time; because we are advertising specialists, there is no guesswork involved with what keywords and adverts will work best. That means that you can use your free time for another aspect of your business, or simply take a well-deserved break from it all.

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