October 2004

David Roberts, Leanne Mordue and Will Williamson begin trading under the name JDR Business Coaches, originally as a business coaching & consulting company offering one on one mentoring services. The first office was in Friargate, Derby.

Google Launches GMail as an invite-only beta
Mark Zuckerberg launches Facebook for students at Harvard University


JDR grows to 8 people in total, and widens the service offering to include Group Coaching and Networking. The business moves to a larger office on St Peters Street, and then again to Babington Lane.
First video uploaded to YouTube
Reddit opens its doors for the first time


JDR Begin to win awards – Action Coach recognize JDR as top franchise within the Midlands, then in UK and then in the whole of Europe. David Roberts wins two ‘Action Man’ awards, and JDR Business Coaches Ltd gets nominated for the prestigious BFA Franchise of the year, and makes the top 10 shortlist. By now there are 5 coaches in the team and the team has 11 people in total.
Twitter is launched
Facebook allows anyone to sign up for an account


Two major decisions are made this year – to separate from the franchise and become an independent coaching company, and to diversify into website design and digital marketing. JDR Websites is formed and takes off quickly, and the business relocates to new offices on Pride Park.
tumblr is launched
BBC launch iPlayer


More resources are put into the digital marketing side of the business, as associate coaches are let go and more designers and technical staff are employed to keep up with demand – JDR are now up to 15 members of staff and have added SEO and Ecommerce to their service offerings. Progress is halted by the credit crunch, which bites late in the year.
Spotify is launched
Groupon opens its doors



With the economy struggling, the transition from coaching business into digital marketing agency continues, as Google AdWords, social media marketing and email marketing begin, as well as specialist local SEO services.
Foursquare is debuted at SxSW


JDR launch JDR Enterprise, a proprietary content management system for small businesses which allows clients to be able to easily edit their own websites. JDR holds it’s first website and internet marketing seminar for local business owners.
Instagram is debuted for the iPhone
Pinterest launches as a private beta


As automation becomes more and more a feature of online marketing, JDR invest in Infusionsoft and begin content marketing – creating a series of Youtube videos and a blog. Further investments are made in the SEO team – bringing in skills, investing in training and in software to raise the level of results for clients.
Google introduce Google+


JDR move to a bigger premises in Pride Park, the current offices at 15 Brunel Parkway, pride Park, Derby DE24 8HR. An investment in Hubspot is made following the Google Algorithm updates, which signal a shift towards quality content, and JDR launch the Digital Prosperity Blog. SEO has now become a major part of the business, and turnover and the number of staff continue to grow – now up to 25. Rebrand as The JDR Group.


JDR Become a certified HubSpot Partner and attends several conferences and events worldwide, including Inbound 2013 in Boston.


JDR become a certified Google AdWords partner, and also achieve four other accreditation’s with Hubspot as well as certification with Infusionsoft. Further conferences and events are attended, including Inbound 2014.


JDR launch Inbound Marketing as a service, as well as strategy workshops and smaller events. David Roberts becomes a certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, and the business becomes certified in Google Analytics.

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