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JDR Group are a Display Advertising Agency, based in the UK. If you are looking for an experienced Google Ads management agency, then look no further. As a Google Partner, JDR can create, manage and optimise targeted display campaigns.

Display Advertising can help you:

  • Grow brand awareness
  • Increase website conversion
  • Increase your reach

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Display Advertising Agency
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Digital Advertising vs Traditional, Offline Advertising

Business spend billions each year on advertising. Until recently, this has mostly been in traditional media like magazines, newspapers, television, and radio.

But today's audience is increasingly online. Rather than watching TV, customers watch YouTube. Rather than listen to the radio, they listen to podcasts or use music streaming services. And rather than read newspapers or magazines, they browse websites and social media channels.

These digital channels are the new frontier for advertising. The good news for you as an advertiser is digital advertising is more targeted, more measurable and more controllable than advertising in traditional media.

Display Advertising

What Is Display Advertising?

Google Ads is not just about ads that appear in the search results. Google have a huge network, called the Google Display Network, which allow businesses like yours to run text, image, video or multimedia ads to targeted visitors.

You can target your ads based on a number of criteria, which can also be layered together for really powerful targeting. These include:

  • Demographics - location, age, gender and more
  • Search intent/buyer intent - 'in market audiences'
  • Placements - choose s
  • Context - 
  • Remarketing - showing ads to people who have visited your website or are on your database

Remarketing and Retargeting 

Display ads can be used to reach people who visited your website, but did not make an enquiry or purchase.

You can show ads to your web visitors based on the products or services they were looking at on your website, encouraging them to come back.

Learn more in our article 'what is remarketing?'

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Don’t people just ignore Online adverts?

Even if the majority of people DO ignore banner ads, it doesn’t cost you anything. With display advertising, it is a pay-per-click model - meaning you only pay for the people that click on the ads and go to your website or landing page.

Meanwhile, you get potentially thousands of impressions for free!

Targeted Online Display Advertising Services

Our display advertising agency services include:

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Display Advertising Agency?

This type of promotion has many benefits, including:

  • Improved brand visibility;
  • The opportunity to target individuals who are already on a site related to your business;
  • Increased conversions due to the sourcing of appropriate customers.
  • Lower overall cost of advertising online.
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JDR Group: More Than Just A Display Advertising Agency

For display advertising to work, it should be part of an overall marketing strategy.
With JDR, you can get help beyond managing your Google Ads alone. This includes:



Avoid the most common mistakes with Google Ads/Google AdWords. Download this free checklist to discover:

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