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Persona Summary

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Give your persona a name:

What is their job role?

In what type of company (size, industry etc.)

What is their demographics? (gender, age range, income, location)

About Their Job

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How is their job measured?

What tools do they use in their job? (e.g. software, apps, physical tools)

Who do they report to?

And who reports to them?

What are their responsibilities

What are their goals

What are their biggest challenges?

How do they get new information for their job? (specific trade shows or exhibitions they would go to, websites
or magazines they may read, etc)

What associations and social networks do they use?

Is there anything else to add about their job or their company?

About Them

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What is their level of education?

What's their typical career path?

What is their level of industry knowledge

What is their style/demeanour? (eg calm, logical, expressive, enthusiastic etc)

What are their interests outside work?

What TV/Music/Films/Magazines would they enjoy?

How do they prefer to communicate with potential vendors? (phone, email etc)

Is there anything else to add about them as people?

How you help

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How does your product/service help their company?

How does it help them? (in terms of their job and their goals/challenges)

What are their most common objections to you product/service?

What are their biggest factors they look for when making a buying decision on your product/service?

What should your elevator pitch/marketing message be to these people?

Buying Process

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What are the problems that cause them to start looking for a solution (eg changes in their business,
existing suppliers letting them down, new projects etc)

When considering whether or not to use your product or service, what are their other options?
What types of considerations do they have between these options?

What are the most common questions or problems you get once your prospects have bought from you/become a customer?

Any other info

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