JDR Are Now A HubSpot Platinum Partner!

JDR Are Now A HubSpot Platinum Partner!

JDR have just become a HubSpot Platinum Partner and I wanted to take this opportunity to just explain a little bit about what that means and show off a little bit about this achievement.

What Is HubSpot?

If you’ve not come across HubSpot before, it’s a sales and marketing software programme, which is designed around modern sales and marketing and it’s designed for use by small and medium-sized business owners.

It’s being used by more than 25,000 businesses around the world. HubSpot is a company growing really, really fast. More and more people are taking up the software. More and more people are using it to help get more traffic to their website, generate more leads, nurture leads with email marketing and to have a CRM system that can track the progress of those leads through the sales funnel, so that you can understand what’s happening all the way through your sales and marketing. It’s a fast-growing business. They are originally based in Boston over in the States. There’s a Dublin office and they’ve recently set up offices in Sydney and Singapore. So it’s being used now around the world and there are thousands of marketing agencies, companies like ours, that recommend HubSpot and we recommend HubSpot to many of our clients.

Not in every case because there are lots of software tools out there and HubSpot is not the best fit in every case. But in many cases, the main reason for that is we use it extensively in our own marketing and have done for the last three or four years.

So over that period of time, we’ve gotten to know it really, really well and we know what’s great about it. I wanted to share a little bit about why we like HubSpot and why we recommend it.

Why We Like HubSpot And Why We Recommend It

In JDR Group, we typically work with small and medium-sized businesses.

The companies we typically work with will either have one or two people working in marketing or they will have no people working in marketing. So in other words, a typical JDR client does not have a marketing department. They will have quite small marketing resources.

Now if you want to start doing marketing, you’re going to need software programmes to help you do it effectively. So you need website analytics software. You’re going to need to send emails. So you need email marketing software. You probably need a sales CRM system to track your sales. You’re going to need social media marketing software, search engine optimisation tools, tools that can help you manage your online advertising. You need all those different things. What we really like about HubSpot is that it does all of those different things from one place.

Four years ago, we would have been using a whole patchwork of different software programmes which weren’t really connected, in order to try and do all those different things. With HubSpot, we can do it all from one place, which means, it’s just one system to learn. It’s more cost-effective and ultimately, it means that all the data is in one place. So everything is joined up.

So you’ve got one system that is tracking the progress of the whole sales and marketing system from people coming to your website, to becoming leads, enquiries, opportunities, all the way through to becoming customers and tracking the entire new customer journey.

So if you are investing in marketing, you will probably know that in many cases, when you’re being asked to spend money on marketing, it can feel like a bit of a roll of the dice. It can feel like marketing is something that is fuzzy.

I had a client yesterday describe it as like putting money in the fruit machine. You think it’s going to pay out but you don’t know and you just have to take the chance.

With HubSpot, what you have is a tool that properly helps you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. So it helps you understand which bits of your marketing are and aren’t working. This is absolutely crucial because it stops marketing from being a roll of the wheel in the casino to being a scientific process where you can test and measure and you see which bits work and you can invest more in those things.

You can also see the things that don’t work and you can then cut those out and you can make better marketing decisions and better strategic decisions to help grow and develop your business going forward.

If you would like to know what is happening to your leads, HubSpot gives you fantastic intelligence about your leads, your opportunities, your prospects and your customers. In other words, it tracks people in your database when they visit your website, what pages they look at, when they open emails, which emails they open.

It can tell you people who have looked at an important case study on your website and can give you an alert if a past customer revisits your website. It can give you an alert if a prospect has opened the email, in which you’ve sent them a proposal. It can do all of those things to give you intelligence that you can use to make your sales and your marketing more effective.

It also helps you to automate. So if you would like to know, “How can I automate more of my sales and more of my marketing? How can I systemise that?” Well, HubSpot has tools to help you do that. From a marketing side, particularly email marketing can be fully automated so that you send timely, informative, useful and relevant emails to people automatically based on their behaviour on your website.

You can also automate parts of the sales process, so you can systemise elements of your sales process. You can automate follow-up and follow-up is one of the biggest reasons that sales is not as effective as it can be in many businesses. So that can be automated, which means that you get more prospects coming back to you, more proposals converted, more quotes converted, et cetera. Finally, it helps you to improve the results overall.

So HubSpot has tools to help you get more people to your website using social media, using Google, using online advertising, using email marketing. It helps you to optimise your website. It helps you to convert more of your website visitors into leads and prospects. It helps you to nurture those leads and prospects with good email marketing, good follow-up systems and it helps you track the progress of those leads all the way through. So it helps you understand where your sales are coming from.

Platinum Partners!

So there are thousands of inbound marketing agencies that recommend HubSpot around the world. Here in the UK, there are maybe hundreds and when we became a Platinum Partner just before Christmas, we became just the 11th Platinum HubSpot Partner in the UK!

So we’re one now of a very small and elite group of companies that really know HubSpot inside and out and have the experience of implementing it with so many small and medium-sized businesses, that we know which bits work, how to do it. It’s systemised. It’s organised. It’s reliable. So JDR being a Platinum HubSpot Partner agency means if you’re interested in using HubSpot, we’re a fantastic choice because we’ve shown that we know the tool inside and out and have the experience of making it work both for ourselves and our own marketing and with clients and with businesses in a variety of different industries.

Learn How Hubspot Can Help You

If you would like to know more about HubSpot or more about how JDR can work with and help you, then go to our website www.jdrgroup.co.uk. If you go to the “Company” section of our website, we have a page all about HubSpot and you can request a free demo. With this, we will show you around HubSpot and give you a quick tour of the software, show you how it works and we can show you how it would work in your particular business too.

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