B2B Email Marketing Services

B2B Email marketing is a direct and cost effective way to:

  • Keep in touch with an existing customer base to keep customers up to date with new offers and news
  • Help convert potential customers
  • Generate new enquiries from emailing to a purchased database list

NOTE Sending emails to a purchased database list have limited results and you will need to consider your strategy carefully – we can help with this. These types of emails will work most effectively as part of an overall B2B inbound/content marketing campaign, or if you have an inside sales team that can follow these emails up.

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JDR Group’s B2B Email Marketing Services

Campaign strategy planning

There are lots of different ways to use email marketing and we can help you plan the right strategy so you get the best possible outcome.

Email HTML design

This will include relevant logos and branding, and any product images you want to use

Creation of landing pages

Your emails may need to drive traffic to specific landing pages, and our team can write, design and build these pages for you to get maximum conversions from your campaign.

Integration/Upload of your email database

Advice on how to set the emails up to get maximum results

On how to structure the design for maximum impact, how to write good subjects and headlines to ensure you get great results and avoid spam filters

Schedule on-going emails or create ‘drip sequences’

We can set up automated emails to be sent out in advance at specific dates

Segment and split test your database

We can help you split test subjects, headlines and offers to test what works best.

Marketing support

We will review your results with you and provide on-going support and advice to help you get the best results


You can send us your copy, and we will make recommendations about how it can be improved, or we can write the whole campaign for you.

Send numerous Emails per month

We can schedule and send any number of emails per month for you – you can either provide us with the copy or have our copywriters write each one for you.

Full campaign reports – after each email

You will receive a full report after each email detailing the following:

  • Track open rate
  • Track click through rate
  • Track the date/time when a customer opened the email and/or clicked the URL
  • Device reports – compare the statistics for mobiles/desktop

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