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Setting up your website for International SEO

Search engines give different results in different countries – will produce different results to for the same search query. The reason for this is local bias – the assumption being that people searching in Germany (for example) will prefer to find German websites. So the ideal scenario to attract customers in specific countries is to create a website with a country-specific domain, and hosted in that specific country. With content, that is relevant to that particular country. We can help develop your site to attract those customers in the countries you want to reach, using the international best SEO practices to give you the best chance of capturing your audience.

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Many people around the world search in English, but you may want to consider having your website content translated so that you attract more local visitors.

International Search Engines

If targeting Russia, China, or South Korea (to name but a few), then Google is not your biggest priority – you want to consider optimising for Yandex, Baidu or Naver respectively instead.

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International Paid Advertising

Google Ads, Facebook advertising and LinkedIn advertising are all ways of reaching highly targeted international markets quickly and effectively and should be considered alongside an SEO campaign.

You may want to test your website, landing pages and keywords first with Google Ads before investing big resources into SEO – or you may find that to get the traction you want at the speed you want, SEO won’t do it alone and you need to have these paid channels to accelerate the process.

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