How Can Digital Marketing Strategies Generate More Leads And Revenue For Your Business?

How Can Digital Marketing Strategies Generate More Leads And Revenue For Your Business?

What is the most effective long term strategy to find prospects and increase turnover? If you are trading or are a decision-maker in a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), we invite you to read on and discover how to grow your customer base and boost sales income, by implementing digital marketing strategies.

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How To Generate More Business Leads

Nowadays, almost all your potential customers are online (often, at the time of writing, with home-schooled kids running about and peering over their shoulders!).

Successful businesses, therefore, need to have an effective and welcoming presence in the digital marketplace if they want to draw in more prospects. That is where the latest marketing strategies come in, adapted to your business and designed to develop momentum, attract new leads and increase sales.

With the right marketing strategies in place, your business will benefit from:

  • Better interaction with prospects than before, so you will know what your potential new customers are seeking;
  • The ability to reach out to the global marketplace via social media, emails and targeted search adverts (e.g. Google Ads);
  • A wider audience that knows about your company, thereby fostering brand loyalty;
  • Enhanced customer accessibility and growth opportunities;
  • Immediate response tracking, measurement and reports;
  • Savings when compared to traditional marketing methods.

Increasingly, customers search online for services and products before they buy. Having a web presence that competes and makes the most of search optimisation (SEO) means that your business details will appear closer to the top of the list of search results on Google. In short, it will be easier for prospects to find you.


Digital marketing is much more than just advertising. Less than a fifth of its activity involves designing adverts to increase sales. According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, marketing is a management process that identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements – profitably. More specifically, it tackles a lack of awareness and adds value to a business through segmentation, targeting and positioning techniques.

A variety of methods are available to help achieve this. Email marketing, in particular, is enjoying renewed popularity, thanks to its rich combination of powerful tools, accessibility, and customisation options. Personalising your business and its service(s) to suit customers' interests is now more straightforward than ever. Social media is also a valuable marketing channel because it helps develop an organic brand profile and directly address your prospect’s concerns – without engaging in direct sales.

Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn also offer businesses the chance of immediate action on brand building, at little or no cost. While it may take several weeks (at least) to get a website online or create a multi-tiered email campaign, a social media account can be optimised for marketing in a matter of hours.


Finally, because one size does not fit all, it is vital to be creative, review one's efforts and use networking tools to maximum effect while also monitoring the metrics. Valuable feedback should complement one's entrepreneurial instincts in the drive to propel your business forward.

No Time To Lose

If, like many UK businesses, you are experiencing a full or partial shutdown, you may be wondering what to do with your time? Our answer: invest in digital marketing and get started today.

This is the perfect time to discover the benefits of digital marketing and get set to grow your revenue after the restrictions are lifted. With fewer distractions to compete with your time, the shutdown offers a golden opportunity to implement long-term changes to generate more customers and revenue opportunities.

At JDR, we are continuing service as normal during the lockdown, so to find out more please call 01332 343281 today.

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