7 Secrets To Getting More Leads From Your LinkedIn Page

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For all of the discussion about LinkedIn being the world’s greatest networking platform and the biggest business community in the world, getting leads from your LinkedIn page can be like finding gold at the end of the rainbow. Frustratingly, the more business owners strive to get leads, often the more intractable the task becomes.

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Is There A Magic Formula For Getting More Leads From Your Linkedin Page?  

Yes and no. The good news is that LinkedIn already has all the tools you need to use your LinkedIn page as a lead generation tool. The bad news is that there are good and bad ways to use these tools, and the best way to use them isn’t always obvious.

In this article, we’ll look at seven best practices to apply when using a LinkedIn company page for lead generation, to give you the best chance of securing great results.

1. Optimise Your Company Page For Search Engines

LinkedIn content is extremely well indexed by Google, so people may well find your business on LinkedIn through Google searches before your website, in some cases. Your page should, therefore, be keyword optimised for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes, be well presented, and be kept fully up-to-date. Put as much care and attention into making a great first impression with your LinkedIn company page as you do with your website home page. This will help people searching for content related to your business find you more easily and encourage them to find out more about you.

2. Give Users A Compelling Reason To Get In Touch

LinkedIn users search on the platform to find valuable content, so the best way to encourage lead generation is to publish engaging and relevant content that your target audience will find useful.

Do your research on your buyer personas/ideal customer to see what’s most topical and relevant at the moment – your content mix can include blog posts on LinkedIn’s internal platform, exclusive guides, and shared resources from third parties and other LinkedIn users. Don’t replicate what you do on your company blog, but make sure to share any relevant updates with your LinkedIn network and post regularly on your page (as well as your personal profile) to increase internal search visibility.

3. Post Regularly

LinkedIn may have 600 million+ users around the world, but the overwhelming majority of these profiles are like empty car parks, with old, out-of-date content, and very infrequent updates. People aren’t going to make lead enquiries if they think that your page is connected to an old and forgotten profile, so it’s essential to keep posting regularly to your page so that prospects have something new and interesting to look at every time they visit and to sustain credibility in your business.

Use your posts strategically to educate prospects and generate interest in your company’s products and services on LinkedIn. Keep your page up-to-date, too. If important things about your company change, make sure these are reflected on LinkedIn.

4. Use A Strong Call To Action (CTA)

Including a compelling CTA in all your posts and LinkedIn content is essential for generating leads. Every post or update you make should have a clear and straightforward purpose and call to action. This doesn’t mean turning everything into a sales pitch, but a CTA can be something as simple as asking users to follow your page, subscribe to your external company newsletter, visit a specific website or landing page, or even join a LinkedIn group. Your CTAs should direct readers to take the next step in their customer journey.

5. Mix Up Your Content

Businesses that constantly post the same type of content on LinkedIn week in, and week out, become boring pretty quickly. People will stop visiting your page if all they expect to find is another variation on such and such.

Give people a reason to keep coming back, and to make contact, by mixing up your LinkedIn content strategy. Articles and company updates are great but mix up your publications with videos, exclusive images, and even polls to capture the attention of page followers. Align your content with news and trends in your industry by creating content around trending hashtags and current events affecting your target personas.

6. Take Part In Linkedin Groups

LinkedIn groups are an excellent place to find and network with relevant buyers for your business, so join a couple of relevant groups on LinkedIn and take the time to participate in the conversations taking place there.

Always follow group etiquette and remember that these forums aren’t the place to post sales pitches, but instead, give you the opportunity to build informal relationships with prospects and even to generate new leads in response to specific enquiries. Be outward facing in your engagement in LinkedIn groups, commenting on interesting discussions from other companies or groups to increase engagement with new audiences, and feel free to interact with existing followers through direct messages wherever appropriate.

7. Encourage A Constructive Dialogue (Don’t Spam!)

It’s important to remember that LinkedIn is a professional networking forum, not a sales bulletin board, so try to maintain a professional tone throughout all your content and avoid anything that could be seen as gimmicky or spammy.

It’s easy to overthink this – keep it simple by avoiding spending too much time promoting your own business, and instead focus on content that helps cultivate relationships with potential customers, and provides genuine assistance, for free. Taking the time to foster a genuine dialogue is appreciated by LinkedIn users, and will help you get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing investment.

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