Empowering Growth In Business: Leveraging HubSpot's Advanced Sales Tools

A sign on the desk of a business owner that reads Grow Your Business, with the business owner's mobile, laptop, coffee and diary around it as they use HubSpot sales tools for growth.

The volatile post-pandemic economic landscape requires SMEs to regularly adapt and innovate their sales approaches in order to grow and sustain their market share. This has created a growth challenge for many small businesses over the past couple of years, made worse by continuing uncertainty surrounding the UK’s relationship with the EU, regulatory changes, high inflation, international supply issues, and unreliable economic forecasts. 

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HubSpot’s advanced sales tools can help you overcome these challenges by consolidating and organising in-house resources to create a more powerful and efficient sales framework for your SME. Let’s look at what this means in practice.

HubSpot CRM: The Backbone Of Your Sales Strategy

Implementing HubSpot CRM is the first necessary step to empowering growth in your business. We realise that this is a strong claim, but we can’t overemphasise the importance of a good CRM for helping small business owners manage their contacts, tasks, and deals. Without this backbone in place, it’s hard for small businesses to stay organised and control the costs involved in making sales, which reduces agility and hinders results.

HubSpot CRM is available for free and is the gateway to HubSpot’s advanced sales tools, providing seamless integration with the other HubSpot Hubs, including the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub. Used as an integrated platform, these comprehensive tools allow your team and agency partner (if you have one) to work together more efficiently for greater results, as they enable you to:

  • Track contacts, tasks, and pipeline sales
  • Schedule and follow up sales appointments
  • Automate email follow-ups and drip-feed nurturing campaigns
  • Score leads based on your marketing objectives and your ideal customer profiles
  • Collaborate with team members, suppliers, and stakeholders on shared documents, projects, and sales deals.

Enhanced Organisation And Greater Productivity

Using HubSpot CRM and the advanced tools contained in the other hubs helps you manage every aspect of your small business sales strategy while maximising efficiency. For a business owner, this lets you make more sales in less time without impacting your core responsibilities, which initiates a virtuous circle of cost savings in which sales revenues rise at the same time as acquisition costs decrease.

The positive impact is felt at every level of the sales process. For example, pipeline management becomes more straightforward with a customised overview of your sales deals and active leads viewable from any Internet-enabled device, allowing you and your sales team to prioritise the most promising opportunities. Meanwhile, integrated lead scoring helps you identify your most qualified prospects automatically, empowering your team to focus their energies on the most promising and highest potential leads. By automating follow-ups with prospects from the moment of their first enquiry, you can make sure no opportunity slips through the cracks, further improving your team’s productivity and closure rate.

Creating New Sales Leads, Conversions, And Opportunities

Growing an SME business isn’t only about managing the resources that you have; it’s also about proactively finding new opportunities to expand. By using HubSpot’s advanced sales tools, you can create original and highly targeted marketing campaigns tied to your CRM system to reach out to potential new customers, break into new markets, and track your campaign performance.

By using these tools strategically to nurture leads systematically through the sales funnel, you’ll increase your conversion rates and obtain a more profitable return on investment from your marketing and sales expenditure.

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If you’re looking for a cost-effective way of streamlining your sales process and scaling your business, get in touch with JDR Group today to find out more about HubSpot’s advanced sales tools. We also have a free guide available to download all about HubSpot CRM and how you can utilise this for your business, so download this guide free today to learn more.

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