Why Businesses Should Be Creating Short Videos For Their Social Media

A businesswoman demonstrating her business's product in a short video to help drive sales and leads from social media

Before the meteoric rise of video content, social media was often the ‘awkward cousin’ of digital marketing for many businesses, a place to post signposts to blogs and special offers hosted externally, but not easy to use in its own right.

Low-cost, high-quality video sales tools have changed this equation, and today, short-form videos are the perfect fit for all mobile-focused social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok.

In this article, we’ll show you why you should be creating short videos for your social media platforms, and how it could help you reach your target buyers.

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The Benefits Of Marketing Videos For Business:

  1. Increase Engagement: Social media videos can be a more engaging way of capturing attention from potential customers than other kinds of content. People generally use social media on their phones when they are ‘between tasks’, so may not want to read a long blog post or update on a small screen, or settle down for an epic explanatory video, either. Short-form videos of 30 to 120 seconds in length can also create a more personal connection with your ideal customers, increasing their exposure to your content, and making them more likely to engage with your business in other ways outside of the social media platform.
  2. Develop Brand Recognition: Short-form videos can help establish a strong brand identity with your ideal customers, making your business name and messages more easily remembered and recognisable. You can use social media videos for a variety of purposes, giving a human face to your company, and showcasing your services and products in a creative way that stands out from other posts and content on the user’s social media feed.
  3. Increase Sales: Short-form social media videos can help to actively drive sales as well as cultivate brand awareness, helping build trust and credibility, and leading to increased sales conversion rates. Additionally, optimised videos on social media are easily indexed and discoverable on search engines, which may lead to more organic traffic coming through to your website and social media platforms.

How To Make Short Videos For Business

The good news for businesses is that short videos are extremely quick and easy to make, and are a great way to engage your customers and promote your brand. There are now several high-quality and free or affordable browser-based tools available, including Vidyard and Canva, that let you create professional videos from a smartphone or tablet, edit in a matter of minutes, and then share them directly to your social platforms. 

This reduces the cost and hassle traditionally involved in video content and enables you to deploy snappy videos for a wide range of purposes, such as impromptu webinars, office tours, and even recordings of sales meetings for communication and training purposes.

Find Out How To Use Video For Business Development And Sales

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