Repurposing Old Content For Different Marketing Channels

Repurposing old content for different marketing channels

In an increasingly connected, digital world, generating content is one of the most effective ways of reaching and converting potential clients into loyal customers. But coming up with original ideas for content can be extremely time-consuming, particularly if you're just starting out building an audience.

Fortunately, there is a way for you to constantly put out engaging content without wasting your time, across multiple platforms.

What Is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing is purposefully taking your existing content and tweaking it so it can serve a different purpose or be targeted towards a different audience. It's a hugely effective way for you to save time and effort, and make your content work harder for you.

So Why Bother Content Repurposing

The prime benefit is efficiency. You're able to generate quality content in drastically shorter amounts of time. But that's not the only benefit: diversifying the type of content you're pushing out means you widen your marketing 'net', attracting new consumers and helping to meet their needs much better. For example, an auditory learner might benefit from a podcast - which could simply be a quick recording of a blog post you wrote months ago. You've instantly expanded your reach and your social clout with very little effort.

1. Split Large Pieces Of Content Into Several Smaller Pieces

For example, if you've previously written a comprehensive report on the latest trends in social media marketing, complete with infographics, graphs and data, you could split this up into its component parts and repurpose it for various audiences. You could use interesting statistics on discussion boards, different sections as individual blog posts, share the infographics on Instagram or LinkedIn - the opportunities are only limited by your creativity.

2. Combine Several Small Pieces Of Content Into One 'Cornerstone' Piece Of Content

Got a series of tweets, blogs, or short YouTube videos? Consider combining them into a 'megapack', an eBook, or any other kind of one-stop shop for your audience. Creating this kind of repository of valuable information is a winning strategy, employed by thousands of successful social media gurus over the globe. In recent years, online courses (such as those on Udemy) have become extremely popular - a perfect outlet for this sort of 'grouped' repurposed content.

Ways To Boost The Efficiency Of Your Content Repurposing

The world of content marketing has to be an extremely iterative process, constantly learning from your audience and making sure your content evolves. An excellent way of checking how it's being received is ensuring all your content has a tracking code included (such as a Facebook Pixel) so you can monitor conversions, engagement and general performance.

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