JDR Receive Top Website 2022 Award From The Good Estate

A woman sitting at a table on her laptop researching the Top Website of 2022 winner from The Good Estate with a coffee.

Website design and optimisation are a central part of what we do for customers at JDR, so it’s always encouraging to receive positive feedback about our own website. Shortly before Christmas, we were delighted to hear that we have been awarded a Top Website 2022 Award, as part of the TGE Awards issued by leading consumer review and support website The Good Estate.

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What are the TGE Awards?

The mission statement of The Good Estate is to help consumers locate high-quality information about physical and digital products – ranging from laptops and paper towel holders to remote control helicopters, pension plans, and B2B marketing agencies! 

The key word here is quality. There’s not normally any shortage of information about products and services on the Internet. The difficulty for researchers – whether we are talking about B2B or B2C purchases, and of any monetary value – is to locate reliable and informative content on which to base a purchase decision. A lot of online content simply isn’t very well organised, is self-promotional rather than informative, and contains information that is unverifiable at best, and misleading or dishonest at worst.

The TGE Awards have an ambitious goal – to highlight and reward high-quality online content providers and provide a signpost to consumers that guides them to reliable sources of information about various products and services.

How are the TGE Top Website Awards allocated?

Nominees for the Top Website Awards are assessed on four main evaluation criteria, with full information available through the Good Estate website.

Categories for consideration include:

  • User experience/UX/UI.
  • Security and trust.
  • Content quality and research.
  • Service and communication.

Nominated websites are scored out of a possible 40 points, with any website scoring over 30/40 eligible for consideration as a ‘top website’.

The JDR Group website received 39/40, making us one of the highest-scoring websites among the 2022 nominees.

Receiving a TGE Top Website Award is an honour of which we are very proud – a validation of the ongoing hard work of our team to build our website into a multi-level free resource for all businesses considering digital marketing. We are also humbled and grateful for the award and take it as an encouragement to continue on the same course throughout 2023. As well as the current resources on our website, we have an ambitious schedule of varied weekly blog articles, downloadable guides, and exclusive visual content in the pipeline for the coming year, and are looking forward to the journey!

Next steps

The purpose of our JDR website is to help you find the information you need to make an informed investment in business growth. 

So if you’d like more information about any of the issues raised on our website, or have ideas for the types of content or topics you’d like to see more of, please feel free to call one of our content specialists today on 01332 343281 or send us a message. Thank you!

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