Digital Marketing For Hydraulic Equipment Supplier [Case Study]

A graph representing the growth of a hydraulic equipment supplier due to effective inbound marketing strategies, as illustrated in our case study.

This is the case study of a UK pneumatic and hydraulic equipment supplier. When we first met them, they had already invested a lot of money on their website and search engine optimisation and were making around £120k worth of sales a year via their custom-built B2B commerce platform.

They were looking for a way to take the business further by building an online presence in addition to changing the perception of their company. Read on to find out how working with JDR has helped them become a trusted source within their industry, as well as how we helped turn their website into their primary source of income.


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Ready to Take It Further

When we first met the client, they had a website that already contained some SEO work which they said had got them “onto the first rung of the ladder”. The client had had the website built and optimised a year prior. 

They had seen a slow rise in rankings and they were now ready to get more results and push the business forward. 

The client’s main goal was to take the website to the next level and almost turn it into ‘an extra salesperson for the company’. It needed to help the business grow by generating more leads and sales enquiries. 

They also wanted the company to be perceived as of great quality and value despite not being the cheapest in the market. 

A ‘Done For You’ Marketing Programme

We started by doing a full audit of their current website. We also analysed their competition and the marketplace allowing us to put together a tailored marketing plan for them.

Our role was to implement an inbound marketing programme that would ensure their website helped the business grow to the next level by increasing the number of sales. 

The programme included: 

  • Marketing Strategy - developing a plan to attract their ideal customers including customer profiling, keyword and competitor research to develop a content and conversion strategy.
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) - ongoing SEO to achieve high natural rankings in Google.
  • Content Marketing - regular blog articles written, published, and promoted across social media.
  • Email Marketing & Social Media Support - email marketing and social media were to be managed in-house, and we have provided HubSpot marketing training and support/guidance on how to get the best results.
  • Lead Generation - we applied several conversion rate optimisation strategies to the website and also created PDF guides to use as part of online lead generation.
  • HubSpot CRM (customer relationship management) implementation 
  • LinkedIn Advertising - targeted ads showing to people in hand-picked job roles in specific industries on LinkedIn.
  • Access to JDR's exclusive video training hub - with training videos on sales, social media, video, and much more.

Website Traffic Doubled

Since starting work with us in 2013 they have seen the website traffic double, going from 3,000 to 6,000 visits per month thanks to the 300 blog articles we have published over the years.

80 Keywords Appearing On Google’s First Page

The company has also seen an increase in SEO and keyword ranking. By regularly sharing the articles on social media and writing ‘lead magnets’ PDF guides, the company now has 663 keywords ranking with 80 of them appearing on Google’s first research page in the UK. 

The MD said: “Your company has helped us improve our web presence and increase revenue with the most accurate and targeted SEO over our ten-year relationship.

“Quite simply, we trust you and your expertise has made us a better company.” 

For an average cost of £12.51 per thousand ad impressions, we have set up paid LinkedIn ads (among which figure lead generation and video ads) that are appearing to a highly targeted B2B audience. 

To further increase the number of sales enquiries we have also set up automated follow-up emails, which have an open rate of 51% and a click rate of 11.05%. 

The CRM System

We introduced Hubspot CRM to accurately measure the number of leads and sales they were getting and keep those numbers growing. Hubspot allows you to track and see every enquiry, allowing us to choose the best way to target and answer every single one of them. 

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