Infusionsoft Certified Marketing Automation Experts

Sales and Marketing Expert – Infusionsoft Certified

We at JDR are Infusionsoft certified, meaning we have undergone extensive training on their systems, processes and features. JDR achieved Infusionsoft’s ‘Sales and Marketing Expert’ Certification status in 2013.

As you are aware if you have a small business, keeping track of your sales and marketing process can be a complex and time-consuming task. Infusionsoft’s automation software was created to help streamline the process as it combines into one system: CRM, email marketing, lead capture and e-commerce.

Marketing Automation

Infusionsoft Certified

What Can Infusionsoft Do For My Business?

When a lead comes into your business, they start at the beginning of the Infusionsoft life-cycle. You are then able to tailor what they are sent depending on their behaviour whilst they are on your site. This helps with the interaction with your prospective customers and creates a bridge between you and your clients. It will also convince them to consider what you offer and whether it is a good match for them.

What Does Infusionsoft Do?

Email Management System

This is a powerful, entirely flexible email management system, enabling you to break your list down into as many segments as you wish.

Campaign Builder

With this, you can create email marketing sequences based on your contact’s preferences. For example, you can send a contact a reminder to download information they have opted in for, this keeps them warm and moving forward. Once a lead becomes a customer you can follow up and ask for feedback or send them other relevant products or services that they may be interested in.

Sales Force Management

Infusionsoft can run the complete back-end of your sales process. This can be hugely time saving as it can automate the organisation of your team by assigning contacts, sending reminders and ultimately progressing a lead through your entire sales pipeline.


Infusionsoft offers a high level of support.