Where Are All My New Customers?

Where are all my new customers 2

If you're a business owner, you may be dabbling in marketing or you might be knee-deep into it - but if you don't have the knowledge or the time to do it right, you won't see much payoff. Many business owners are sceptical of digital marketing because they don't utilise the best tools and they don't take advantage of what's right at their fingertips!

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You might have seen YouTube videos, LinkedIn articles and tweets that all say the same thing - get your marketing game on! But if no one new is coming to your website, it doesn't seem worth it, and that's an easy mistake to make. Maybe you're thinking to yourself, 'I've got a great website and my existing customers love it - but where are the new customers? Digital marketing doesn't work, obviously.'

Not So Fast!

I'll tell you where the new customers are - they're on the websites of business owners who sat down and sorted out a clear strategy for digital marketing. Your website may have the best design in the world, all the content out there, and you might be sending out Instagram posts and that's great - but if no one's there to see all that, we need to fix that.

Take a look at these photos below:

Where are all my new customers

Where are all my new customers 1

What do you see? That's right - a line of people who are all on their phones. That is your opportunity - they're on websites, they're checking emails, they're browsing social media, they're on messengers, they're looking at new apps, they're jumping around YouTube... and these are all channels that engage people and make them look and listen.

Make People Look & Listen To You.

All of these bits and pieces that come free with the smartphone you've got in your pocket are vital tools that you can use to catch new customers' attention and bring them to your website. Why? Because they're engaging and up to date, they're current and on-trend, and a new customer who is looking for your help wants to see that you're keeping up with the times, if not completely ahead of the game!

And if you've got a Facebook Page, a LinkedIn page, a Twitter, an Instagram, but you've not posted on it since the office Christmas party in 2016, take a look around you - go into any restaurant, any coffeeshop, any public place and you'll see exactly what the photo above shows you... people of all ages using the latest digital trends to communicate or consume information.

In the above video, Dave shares with you how you can use digital marketing in 2019 to attract new customers. According to Statista there are 2.71 billion smartphone users in the world today; can you see the opportunity here?

Do You Need Any More Proof?

You can utilise digital technology to bring customers to you, and if you're already using this technology, you can use it more effectively - there's always room for improvement. You can create, you can compete, and you can make yourself and your business stand out and impress.

No matter what stage of digital marketing you're at, these tools should be your main weapon to succeed in bringing customers to your business. JDR can help you - give us a call today!

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Image source: Pixabay