Podcast Roundup: The Digital Prosperity Podcast from February 2016

Podcast_Roundup_The_Digital_Prosperity_Podcast_from_February_2016.pngAs the second month of 2016 comes to an end, the Digital Prosperity podcast with JDR’s Managing Director David Roberts and JDR Director Will Williamson covered 4 import business subjects that will change your business in 2016. Listen to the podcasts now to better understand Marketing Automation, how to avoid feast and famine in business and the difference between a company news page and a blog. Plus, Dave and Will discuss the 8 best small business books that they have read and implemented to achieve their business success.

Episode 9 - The Magic of Marketing Automation

In this episode Will and David discuss “The Magic of Marketing Automation” and how it can be used to transform a business. Most of us in fact have experienced some form of Marketing Automation in our daily lives. If you have received emails and recommendations from brands like Amazon and Spotify, that is an aspect of marketing automation.

Marketing Automation is still something that is relatively new in the grand scheme of things, and only possible because of the internet. If you don't quite know what Marketing Automation is and how it can help your business then listen to this episode, where Will and David clarify some of the myths associated with it and why you should be using it.

Episode 10 – What’s The Difference Between A Company News Page And A Blog

Do you confuse blogs and newsletters? Are you getting enough leads from your business blog posts? Join Will Williamson & David Roberts in Episode 10 of our Digital Prosperity Podcast.

In this episode Will and David discuss “What’s the difference between a company news page and a blog” and how regular blog posting can be used to transform a business.

Plus, Will & Dave discuss the main reasons for a blog, exactly what you should post on your blog and the content you should be writing on your company newsletter. Get some inspiration for your content today by having a quick listen to this episode!

Episode 11 - Avoiding Famine And Feast In Business

In this episode, Will and David discuss “Avoiding Famine And Feast In Business” and give you hints and tips on how to create a sustainable business.

Will & David go through the reasons why the famine and feast scenario happens in businesses across the UK, and give you hints and tips on how to avoid famine in your business.

Will & David also discuss Valentines Day, cards and dating in the 80's!!!

Episode 12 - 8 Best Small Business Books

Everybody needs a little help at some time or another, and what better way to get the advice that you need than from those who have been through the experience and are teaching others all about it. Learning from other people's experiences is a valuable time and money saver. Join Will & Dave as they discuss these books:

1) The E-Myth Revisited

2) Differentiate or Die

3) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

4) Think and Grow Rich

5) The 80/20 Principle

6) Duct Tape Marketing

7) Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

8) The One-Minute Manager

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