Cracking The Growth Code: How Business Owners Can Overcome Recruitment Barriers

A woman shaking the hands of a business owner as she sits at a table across from him and two other managers about to be interviewed for a position at a company overcoming their recruitment barriers.

Sustainable business growth rests upon two pillars. The first is a growing stream of revenue from loyal customers who not only provide repeat business but refer their friends, family and colleagues. The second is the necessary personnel to sustain your operations and scale up your business in line with your growing demand.

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We know that your digital content can help with the former, giving your brand a distinctive voice and adding greater value for your clientele. But did you know that it can also help with the latter?

Just as blog posts, white papers, infographics and other helpful content can generate leads, engage your target audience and earn their brand loyalty, so too can the right digital content help you to overcome recruitment barriers and engage the kind of candidates who can propel your business into the future.

We look at how businesses can use their content to overcome recruitment barriers and crack the growth code. 

Identify Recruitment Barriers

Before you think about generating content, take some time to think about your current recruitment barriers. What is preventing you from attracting and recruiting the right people? The answers will invariably inform your content marketing strategy, including the content, and placement of your job ads. 

Common recruitment challenges include:

  • Attracting sufficient volumes of candidates or applications
  • Attracting candidates with the right qualifications or attitudes
  • Building a strong brand as an employer
  • Being able to find the right candidates quickly

Develop Candidate Personas

Having identified the recruitment barriers you want to overcome, take some time to develop personas for your ideal candidates. Just as your buyer personas allow you to tailor your digital content to the needs, challenges, and aspirations of your customers, candidate personas can do the same for prospective employees.

Plan Your Content Accordingly

Now you have a clearer idea of your recruitment challenges and the candidates you want, it’s time to weave recruitment into your content marketing strategy

Dedicate some time to generating content that establishes you as a desirable employer in the eyes of prospective candidates. This may include:

  • Interviews with employees about what your brand values or mission statement mean to them
  • Creating blog posts featuring stories and testimonials from members of your team
  • Filming videos that show a day in the life of an employee or department
  • Creating infographics detailing your charitable endeavours, sustainability efforts, and other forms of CSR
  • Filming video diaries of team events like training days or fundraisers

Repurpose Existing Content For LinkedIn And Other Social Channels

New content takes time and money to create. But don’t be afraid to repurpose existing customer-facing content by altering it slightly for an audience of candidates. This repurposed content can be added to your newsletters or uploaded to social feeds. LinkedIn is an excellent place to post thought-leadership content as around 90% of jobseekers use this platform.

You may also want to take a look at our guide exploring how to use LinkedIn for business.

Quality Is Key

Great quality, optimised content can be a fantastic way to make your brand more visible, engaging, and appealing to the right candidates. This can help you build a stellar employer brand, attract great candidates and fill vacancies quickly. 

There are no shortcuts. SEO can no longer be spammed or gamed. Google prioritises good quality, relevant content above all else. So don’t be afraid to outsource that content if time and budget restrictions prevent you from creating the volume and quality of content you need in-house. 

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Content Marketing is at the forefront of creating a stellar Inbound marketing strategy that can help you grow your customer base, but also internally as a modern business. To find out more about our content marketing services, get in touch with one of JDR Group’s content team. 

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