Revitalising Your Brand's Digital Presence: The Role Of Expert Web Design

A designer actively engaged in revitalising a brand's digital presence through implementation of expert web design.

Software as a Service (SaaS), subscription-based web building platforms have democratised the field of web design, to the extent that people without a scrap of web design experience and not an artistic bone in their body, can now build an attractive and well optimised website in a matter of hours. This is a positive change, because it makes web design accessible to a wide range of business owners and professionals who were previously shut out of the market due to the technical complexity of web design, as well as the price.

However, does this mean that the role of the expert web designer is consigned to the history books? No. Although it’s perfectly possible to build and sustain a website yourself using a service like Squarespace, HubSpot, or Shopify, you’ll get better results from your site by working in partnership with web designer who knows their code and knows how to create high functioning sites through these platforms, using each tool and feature to your full advantage.


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Let’s Look At Why This Is The Case, But First, What Is Actually Meant By An ‘Expert Web Designer’ In 2024?

Expert web designers are trained in building aesthetically pleasing websites from the ground up, using coding languages such as CSS. Traditionally, web designers concerned themselves mostly with the ‘shop front’ or visible part of websites, with developers or programmers creating the underlying nuts and bolts, but this distinction has now largely blurred. Modern web designers, although still knowledgeable in coding, spend most of their professional time working with customers through either an open-source web building platform such as WordPress, or one of the SaaS services. In other words, their knowledge base now goes beyond code, and into the ways in which the layout, structure, and content of the website impacts promotional factors such as search position, keyword visibility, and conversions – the traditional territory of the digital marketer.

Benefits Of Working With A Professional Web Designer And Developer... 

1. Expertise & Knowledge 

A professional web designer will come with the knowledge and expertise you need to develop a website that is precisely tailored to your specific needs and the requirements of your customers. They will already have a working familiarity with your platform of choice, equipping them to handle the entire project, from the creation and design of the website itself to its technical aspects, such as coding and platform integration, and even the content development side. Many web designers have years of experience and specialist knowledge in specific platforms or building technologies that enable them to give you unique and innovative solutions for your business’s web presence. This can save you a lot of time and resources in house, as you will not have to spend this time researching web design and development yourself, and you won’t inadvertently make design mistakes that could undermine the effectiveness of your website.

2. Customisation 

Modern web building platforms offer users a dizzying variety of customisation tools; so much so, that it can be difficult to know where to start. An experienced web designer will be able to cut through the choices to help you focus on the customisation options that really matter, developing a website that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and highly optimised to your brand identity and values. They can also help implement the right tools, plug-ins, and widgets to create a user friendly and engaging UI for your site that delivers a seamless experience for your customers on any mobile device.

3. Search Engine Optimisation 

A well-built website with SEO by design will enhance your brand’s digital presence and increase visibility on search engines, working hand in glove with your marketing strategy. An experienced web designer will not just know how to make a website look pretty but will also do so in a way that is optimised for better search visibility, enabling your website to rank highly on Google for relevant keywords, and bringing in more organic traffic to your site.

4. Technical Support 

Most subscription-based web platforms offer a good basic level of tech support. However, this can be much enhanced by working with a professional web designer and developer, who will provide you with a more responsive and personalised level of support that enables you to address any technical issues quickly and efficiently. They will also be well placed to advise you on how to upgrade and improve your site as part of a continuous improvement strategy, keeping your digital presence relevant and competitive.

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