Digital Marketing For Company Specialising In Solving Degrading Adhesive Problems [Case Study] - How Digital Marketing Spiked Their Leads To An All-Time High



This is the case study of a specialist in cleaning and running all hot melt applicator systems as well as dispensing hot melt equipment and spare parts. Their clientele includes manufacturing companies in the UK and some in the US.The company had ambitious growth plans. Initially facing stagnant website performance and a lack of leads, the company partnered with JDR to revamp the business's marketing strategy. Their website went from attracting little to no customers, but since working with JDR, they have generated multiple organic leads over the past four years leading to 6-digit profits for them. 

This collaboration not only boosted business growth but also afforded the business owner personal leisure time.

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Refining The Website

Upon our initial engagement with this client, their website was outdated. The directors identified key challenges with their online presence, including: 

  • They couldn’t identify their ideal customers

  • They had a very small marketing budget

  • They had relied mostly on word-of-mouth

JDR enhanced their website with continuous SEO, addressing errors, optimising site speed, and setting up Google optimisation. As a result, their SEO keyword rankings surged, achieving an overall ranking of 19,638. Currently, they hold 16 keywords ranking between 1st and 8th position on Google. Since the business is in a niche market, it would be easier to rank on Google and to find their pages to find where their competitors are missing. Hence why the growth of in SEO was quite exponential. 

Moving To Inbound Marketing 

Following the client's goals we put together a tailored marketing programme for them. Our goal was to implement an inbound marketing programme which would ensure consistent marketing activity, attract their ideal customers and deliver a new website.

The programme included: 

  • Marketing Strategy - we created an SEO strategy, developed target personas, and developed a conversion strategy.

  • Website Design - we created a custom design to modernise the look, feel and user experience of the site.

  • SEO - (search engine optimisation) - we optimised the new website and began an ongoing SEO campaign.

  • Google Ads management - we set up and managed Google pay-per-click advertising for them.

  • Content marketing- regular blog articles written, published and promoted across social media.

  • Lead generation - we applied several conversion rate optimisation strategies to the website and also created PDF guides to use as part of online lead generation.

Here are the benefits the programme brought to the business: 

Over 70 Organic Leads Generated 

As you can see above, there has been quite an increase in organic leads over the past 4 years. 

As the months and years have passed, the number of new leads generated each month has continued to grow and build over time with leads coming from multiple sources - Organic social, Direct Traffic, Email Marketing and Organic search.  New contact levels have climbed spectacularly. The business generated 73 leads from their Google Ads campaigns over the past 4 years.  As you can see from the graph above, the main source of these contacts is ‘Organic search’ - in other words, traffic generated through their SEO. 

Outstanding SEO Results - 19.68 place increase 

With a well-structured and high-performing website, that has a clear marketing statement, regular blog articles and gradually improving SEO the site is now ranking in 1st and 8th position on Google for 16 different keywords. 

Inbound Calls Regularly Increasing

With extensive sales training from JDR’s exclusive training hub, the business has seen a gradual growth of inbound phone calls over the last 12 months. More leads are being nurtured throughout their buying journey, creating a trustworthy relationship with the business from the point of interest to a decision on utilising the machine cleaning services. 

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