"But my business is different" - Why Inbound Marketing is Perfect for Niche Markets and Specialist Industries



Inbound marketing shares a uniquely special relationship with niche markets, as well as specialist industries, allowing marketers to target their company’s customers or prospects with remarkably accurate and specific information. A niche market is a specific segment of the target market at which particular products are offered for a specific genre of customers. The reason 'why' your business is different is the major factor in its overall success. Having products and/or services that cater to the specific needs of specific individual’s gives marketers and businesses alike, a clear and unbounded advantage if utilised correctly and efficiently. Niche markets and specialised industries have an advantage that, if utilised correctly, will allow them to create their own share of the market without having to fight tooth and nail through stringent competition while simultaneously tackling market leaders.

The creation of a solid and flexible inbound marketing strategy comes from in-depth knowledge of your specific niche market, carefully identifying customer and prospects’ needs, their pain points and challenges, their demographic and buying power, and what your competition is offering.

Niche markets and specialist industries have a unique advantage in that their offerings are not the run-of-the-mill products/services that are generic and plentiful. They are offering something that is customised and will appeal to those who have a rather specific need for what you are offering. Inbound marketing is the best way to get your clientele interested, by arousing their curiosity for what you have to offer.

Creating an Audience

Inbound marketing affords both customers and prospects the opportunity to find you. They are prompted through various tools and marketing paraphernalia to get in touch with your company because of what you have to offer. With inbound marketing, gone are the days of old outbound marketing techniques, when cold calling prospects left one feeling dejected, unmotivated and stressed out. Inbound marketing campaigns have flipped the lid on traditional marketing methods and has given companies the chance to play a more receptive role as oppose to the traditionally more aggressive, and often bothersome and wasteful, marketing tactics.

Aligning your campaign with your niche and their needs requires that a few vitally important steps and processes are taken into consideration during, and leading up to, its implementation.

Traffic needs to be driven to the campaign. Content related topics are your best way of informing your clientele of what exactly you have to offer. What you can do to meet their needs within their personal buying parameters. Pay per click (PPC) and ‘Call to Action’ buttons are an additional way in which to drive traffic to your campaign, prompting visitors to dive in and find out more of what they want to know.

Content should be perfectly tailored. This will involve providing both customers and prospects, throughout the sales funnel, with content that is tailored to them and their needs, including aligning marketing efforts that are relative to their stage in the sales funnel (the buyer’s journey).

Monitor social media. Listening to what your customers and prospects have to say cannot be stressed enough. If you do not know what they want, you cannot do anything for them. Monitoring and listening to what is said about their wants and needs, as well as your company and its offerings, is as important as getting it to them. If you cannot provide what they need, you may as well close your doors. Listen with intent.

Inbound marketing is the very best way to create a 1-on-1 relationship with your market. It affords companies the chance to personalise email marketing messages, assuring that the right person gets the right message, in the right way (email, social media, etc.), at the right (perfect) time. Inbound marketing is all about getting the attention of your market, and keeping it. Offerings that they are in certain need of and that they have the means to acquire what you have to offer. The multiple channels available today, through which to get your company and products/services out there has never been more fruitful. Reaching millions upon millions of prospects on a daily basis from around the globe, inbound marketing for niche and specialist industries is fast becoming the new standard in contemporary marketing strategies, with proven success.

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