4 Digital marketing ideas for Mother’s Day


With Mother’s Day being at the end of the month it will be a brilliant opportunity to use that special day to promote your business. Mother's Day is one of the biggest commercial days of the year and there are many ideas floating around, which your business could benefit hugely from.  So make sure you do not miss out!

Below are 4 ideas to get you started …


1.  Mothers Day Offers

Running an offer on Mothers day is not a new concept but a very effective tactic.  Depending on what the offer is, whether it is a discount or a free gift, you should encourage potential prospects to buy something from your business.  The most effective offers are time sensitive or limited by numbers.  By adding this element to your offer you help buyers make a quick decision, in the hope that they do not miss out, especially if they are saving money on the offer.

Another idea is to have a prize draw leading up to Mother's Day either two weeks or a week before the date. By doing this you can collect contact information for further marketing activities, as well as keeping your customers and potential prospects interested in your business for longer.

Ensure that your offer is well promoted on social media sites and send out a marketing email to all your existing and past customers. Try to reach as many people as possible with your offer and be sure to broadcast the winner’s names across you social media sites and on your website if you wish to.

Other than just focusing on your customers and potential prospects you can also reward your employees. You can do this by having an employee of the month award or holding congratulatory events, you can also, if you wish to, have an office prize draw so your employees have the opportunity to win something as well.

2.  Specially Designed Product For Mother's Day

Depending on whether or not your business sells products you could have your manufacturers design something specifically for Mother's Day. However you will need to do market research on this to make sure that your new Mother's Day product will sell successfully. You will also have to think which gender or aged audience you want to target and due to Mother's Day having such a big target audience you may need to think whether you want to narrow it down or to just leave it open for anyone to buy. You can also promote your potentially new products through social media channels, for example uploading your new products to Photobucket or Pinterest and by using new tags such as ‘Mother's day’ or ‘Mother's Day Presents’ your product will show up in more results.

3. Offline Marketing

Many of your customers or future prospects will lead busy lives and may forget when Mother's Day is, so you can use offline marketing techniques such as posters, leaflets or even billboards to remind people of Mother’s Day. The main offline marketing effect will be to remind people to purchase a Mother’s Day gift, therefore you should have your business name and website address clearly stated at the bottom of the poster or leaflets to direct people to your website. Also make certain that the Mother’s Day offer is somewhere on the poster or leaflet and can be clearly read as that will be the main aspect that will drive people to your website to buy your products.

4. More Publicity Through Your Social Media

Social Media is a great platform to have some fun whilst promoting your business.  You can run competitions, share stories, tell jokes and much more.  Mother's Day is a great time to try out some new ideas across your social media channels.

One idea is to ask mothers to send in pictures of them and their children doing activities on Mother’s Day. You can start this off by maybe uploading a picture of you and your mum or writing a memorable or funny article of a time you and your mother shared. You can then go further with the pictures that are sent in and announce that the best photo will be uploaded to all your social media websites and that the winner will receive a prize. This will mean that all your social media sites will become more recognisable to the public and therefore enhancing your reach.

Also, if your business is looking to do some charity work you could hold an event and donate the money raised. Alternatively for every product that is sold, donate a couple of pennies to help mums that are struggling. Another idea would be to support the local mums within your community. Due to it being charitable you could possibly go to your local newspaper about this and ask them to feature you; giving your company positive publicity.

Whether you use these ideas or come up with some of your own, I hope you can get inspired this Mother’s day to do something different and to stand out from your competitors.

Article by: Lydia Reynolds

photo credit: gmayster01 on & off ... via photopin cc