11 Ways Your Web Design Agency Could Be Costing You


When it comes to the topic of websites and web design, there is much to be said about the costs and role that they play in your business and its success. When taking the decision to create and design an online company representative, i.e. your company’s website, you need to be aware of the costs and potential long-term pitfalls that could end up costing more than just your money. Your website is more than just an information page on the internet. It is the doorway through which your future customers are going to get to know your company, interact and engage with your company, and ultimately determine your long-term success or failure.

The internet is where marketing your business is achieved nowadays, and having a sub-par online business presence is going to cost you, both money and customers, to say the absolute least. Let’s have a look at some of the ways that your web design agency could be costing you additionally and unnecessarily:

1. Not Using ‘Call to Actions’

By not implementing ‘Call to Action’ buttons your designer is cutting you off from your prospects and customers. By not prompting them to take action, visitors to your site are not being given the opportunity to engage with your company and get involved with your offerings.

2. Allowing Poor Quality Content to Affect You

Visitors to your site are in search of information. Why else would they be there? Poorly written content that lacks quality information is a clear indication of future failure. The organisation of quality content is priority number one when designing a user-friendly and efficient website.

3. Not Optimising your Site through SEO

Creating search engine traffic is another key component to the success of your website, and its contribution to your business. Coupled with poor hosting capabilities, the incorrect use of SEO can lead to your site suffering, being ignored, or even worse, being penalised by Google.

4. Making Your Site an Online Brochure

Online brochures are great, 15 years ago maybe. With the consumer market and marketing environment as it stands today, companies need more than just a colourful page to look at. Their consumers want and need to be interactive and engaged with the company. Including what it is putting out in terms of information and offerings. Online brochures lack the panache that today’s websites are offering.

5. Overcomplicating the Message through Visual Design

Information is the main ingredient of a website, and by proxy, marketing success. So ensuring that your website designer does not over-complicate the graphic element of your site is essential. You do not want to lose your intended message amidst an overly-intense graphic collage.

6. Not Using Landing Pages

Landing pages are those designed to redirect consumers to specific, stand-alone pages, designed for a single focused objective. They have no navigational ties to your website and are used as specific tools in automated, and content marketing strategies.


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7. No Ongoing Website Promotion or Marketing

Lack of promotion to search engines, not updating ‘Call to Actions’, irregular content updates, and with a general lack of ongoing support, your website and company are bound to suffer. Choosing a web design agency that offers a cheaper service may give you these hassles, free of charge, but they will be costing you in the long-term.

8. Lack of Originality

Choosing a web design agency that uses a cookie-cutter design risks making your website appear cheap and generic. The perception of your company and brand will most definitely not be in-line with your determined vision and intended goals. Many people make decision solely based on the appearance of a website, so make sure yours is unique and memorable.

9. “Special Design Deals”

Web design agencies offering these kinds of deals usually offer these great rates for a reason. A professional closes the deal, and the work is given to an intern to deliver. This is the classic ‘Bait and Switch’ tactic, and the intern’s lack of experience is going to shine through and is going end up costing you in the long run.

10. No Conversion Strategy

In the kick-off meeting with your website designer, parameters around your company’s conversion strategy need to be discussed. How are you going to get your prospects to interact with your company and become eventual customers? What are your methods of creating conversions? These need to be addressed so that your designer can tailor your site to your company’s specific needs.

11. No Architecture Strategy

Custom website designs should be laid out and agreed upon before the inception of the task. Strategies, methods and a blueprint should be presented, highlighting ways in which the site can evolve with the needs of the business in the short-term, and the necessary longer-term strategic development that will be required.

When the time comes, if it hasn’t already, to choose a website designer or web design agency, avoid the cheaper offers. Yes, the initial investment may be attractive due to its cost effective pricing, but in the long-term taking the cheaper option may end up costing you the price of two websites. Issues that are not dealt with properly during the inception stages of website design are going to lead to problems down the line.

Generating leads and increasing conversions rates should be the main aim of your website, while keeping costs as low as possible without getting taken for a ride. Be highly involved in the planning of your website, and be specific in your desired goals. This is your biggest and most important company representative, don’t cheap out and take it for granted.

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