Creating a Marketing Strategy For Your Manufacturing Business - Where To Start


Marketing in the manufacturing sector has changed considerably in recent years with the growth of digital media and social media networking. However, digital marketing isn’t standing still, so it’s vital that manufacturing businesses develop a proactive and flexible marketing strategy to futureproof themselves against the global challenges that face the sector.


Digital marketing is engaging, flexible, and personal, with the ability to reach out to more potential customers than is possible with traditional marketing approaches, which in manufacturing used to be heavily dependent on face-to-face networking and trade events. Having a great product is pointless if no one knows it exists, so the wider you can spread the news of your innovation, the more interest it will generate. To avoid becoming one of the digital marketing campaigns that failed, working with an expert marketing strategist can help you to devise a strategy that works for your business and your customers, increasing your online presence and generating more leads.

What are your goals?

Every marketing strategy should be underpinned by long-term business goals, which will vary between organisations. Whether you need to improve customer engagement through social media, write more interesting content that drives up your Google rankings, or redesigning your website to be more attractive and compelling, having a deep understanding of your ambitions will help shape your marketing campaign and implement the right tools and expertise to achieve your objectives.

Who is your audience?

Knowing your audience and engaging with the right decision makers and speaking to them in your content and messages is crucial when designing a digital marketing strategy. Getting it wrong risks wasting considerable time and money. Customer segmentation and buyer personas can help you identify your target market and create a snapshot of your typical customer, so you can understand their motives, interests, values and problems.

How can your products impact your customers?

For customers to consciously decide to purchase any product, they need to know how it will improve their life, even if this improvement is relatively insignificant. As a manufacturing supplier, its your job to convince the customer that their investment is worth making and, if you can do this successfully, the results will only be positive going forward with an increase in sales and revenue, lower costs, and more customers.

What are your customers frustrations?

Understanding your customer's pain points demonstrates empathy and will help to cement a strong relationship with them. If customers feel their problems are recognised and respected, it is more likely that they will buy into the solution by investing in your product. Understanding their pain points will help you to tailor your marketing content to address these directly.

Why should customers choose you?

Underpinning your entire marketing strategy is the self-belief and confidence that you offer something that no other manufacturer does. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) outlines the single element that makes you the best choice, so this should be one of the key driving forces behind your campaign, so customers are in absolutely no doubt as to why they should choose you.

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