Social Media Marketing for Manufacturing & Engineering Companies: Transform your Digital Marketing


Social media, especially LinkedIn, is one of the most important tools in a manufacturing business owner’s digital marketing toolbox, offering the chance for SMEs to reach new customers quickly and cost-effectively.

Used in many different ways, social media marketing can promote product lines through targeted advertising campaigns; allows businesses to listen to conversations and engage with decision-makers; or provides an effective vehicle for analysing the reach of a brand as part of marketing design.


What is social media content marketing?

Social media content marketing is a strategy in which social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, amongst others are used to connect businesses with their target customers. Content can take a wide variety of forms, including blog posts (published externally on your website or directly on the social platform), videos (including live and recorded content), webinars, and infographics.

In a changing world in which digital media is playing a prominent role in B2B marketing, social media is essential for all manufacturing businesses who are striving for maximum profits and build healthy customer relationships in the absence of face-to-face events and field sales.

By far the most powerful promotional tool if used properly, social media has unlimited potential and has many features that are free to use. With a variety of platforms on which to host your marketing content, different demographics of customers can be targeted using different marketing formats.

What are the benefits of social media For Manufacturing & Engineering Companies?

There are many compelling benefits to social media marketing, including:

Wider Business Awareness

Social media is now used by most of the UK's leading businesses in all sectors, so the opportunity to expand your business’s reach is huge. With social media engagement far higher now than in 2019, more prospective B2B customers are within your grasp and, with tools such as LinkedIn groups, Facebook Live, and paid advertising, word about your products and services could spread quickly.


Social media is the cheapest element of a marketing strategy, with no up-front costs required to sign up to platforms. Regular posts and updates are also free-of-charge, while even paid promotions are usually highly cost-effective considering their reach, both in terms of targeted customers and ongoing recommendations and referrals.

Brand Authority

Brand authority is based on experience, accreditations, knowledge, and credibility, so an active social media presence can reinforce your reputation and promote your business as an authority in your marketplace. A stream of engaging, original content emphasises that your business is forward-thinking and innovative, while interactions with social media users demonstrate a commitment to customer service and engagement.

Increased Website Traffic And Google Rankings 

By using social media, you can refer visitors to your company website where a fuller, more detailed overview of your products and services is (or should be) available. With targeted Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you can significantly improve your website ranking for important search phrases, or keywords, to increase the prominence of your website online. Content published on LinkedIn and Facebook is also indexable by Google, so being active on these platforms is a great way of indirectly increasing the search profile of your company.

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