NEW! LinkedIn Updates That Will Benefit Business Owners


We are happy to announce two exciting new free features from LinkedIn that will benefit the way business owners use visual content on the platform. The updates were published in August 2022 and will be rolled out to users over the coming few weeks. The features will become automatically available through your LinkedIn account – simply log onto your mobile app to start taking advantage. 

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Note: As far as we are aware, the updates are currently being implemented for mobile devices / app users only, so you may not be able to access them if you use LinkedIn through a website browser on your PC or laptop. (Watch this space for any changes.)

Update #1 (coming September 2022): Add a clickable link to your images and videos

By adding a clickable link to images or videos, you can direct your LinkedIn contacts directly to your website, a sales landing page, event registration micro-site, downloadable resource, or another online destination – making it easier for followers to engage with your brand.

How To Do It:

To add a clickable link, first create a new LinkedIn post through the mobile app using an image or video.

  • Click the ‘Add a link’ icon
  • Enter your target URL
  • Enter your custom link text

Click ‘share’ or ‘post’


Figure 1: Example of a LinkedIn video post with a clickable link and custom text

Update #2 (available now): Quick visual templates for short, eye-catching posts

The LinkedIn mobile app now includes a series of customisable visual templates that let you create short-form content in seconds and publish it to your feed. Using these templates allows you to tailor your LinkedIn posts to your brand identity and increase lead generation and engagement by making your content stand out more in busy feeds.

How To Do It:

On the mobile app, go to the ‘share’ box or click ‘post’, then:

  • Select ‘use a template’
  • Choose from a wide range of customisable backgrounds, colours, and fonts
  • Add copy, emojis, and/or images
  • (Optional) add a clickable link and short CTA to your post to boost engagement – see above for details

Publish your post by clicking ‘share’

Capture-4Figure 2: Example of a visual template with clickable link and custom CTA

Why use LinkedIn’s new updates?

The new LinkedIn features are straightforward and easy-to-use and, while completely optional, provide more ways for users to distinguish their mobile content and encourage web traffic and leads to destinations outside the platform.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about using LinkedIn for B2B lead generation, please call 01332 215152 today.

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Image source: Unsplash