5 Reasons Why Facebook is Good for B2B Marketing

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If you have so far ignored Facebook as a B2B marketing tool in favour of LinkedIn, it may be time for you to think again. LinkedIn is a phenomenally powerful business networking tool, but Facebook is good for lead generation as well – as many businesses are now discovering. Facebook has offered business-friendly features for a while, but these are improving all the time and in the last two years marketers have started to take note. Facebook is now the second most popular B2B social network in the world, with 30% of marketers using it as their primary platform (compared to 41% who use LinkedIn).

Here are some reasons why it makes sense to incorporate Facebook into your B2B marketing strategy:

1) User Volume

If Facebook were a nation its population would be larger than both China and the United States combined. 1.6 billion global Facebook users simply cannot be ignored by businesses. Facebook’s user volume means there is a strong chance that all the decision-makers you want to target for B2B marketing will have Facebook profiles. It is also likely that these people will be checking Facebook through their phones several times a day, both at home and at work. Facebook B2B marketing gives you more opportunities to put your brand in front of the people you need to reach.

2) Intelligent Messaging

Facebook has one of the best paid advertising services, letting you send bespoke messages to a tightly customised audience. You can whittle down a huge potential market to just the people who are most likely to make a purchase decision, boosting your lead generation potential.

3) Fantastic Analytics

Facebook’s analytics package is so comprehensive and powerful that no external tools are required to determine the results of your campaigns and make intelligent marketing decisions. Facebook Insights not only allows you to track your advertising campaigns, but also reports on the success of your Company Page over time, showing the number of content shares, likes, unlikes and comments.

4) Brand Development

Facebook is a free and accessible platform for you to engage in a conversation with your market, respond to queries, launch products and manage your reputation. Well-considered comments and replies to relevant content will quickly build you a reputation as an active and authoritative voice in your community. Find out more information about branding with this article - Learn The Importance of Creating a Strong Online Brand And How To Implement it.

5) Video Potential

In 2016 Facebook has upped the game in its video capability, becoming a serious rival for YouTube. It is now easier than ever to upload video posts directly to Facebook. Facebook Live is also a useful B2B feature, allowing you to stream live footage from trade shows, presentations and events; directly from an iPhone or iPad. Used in conjunction with video tools such as Twitter Periscope, Facebook videos let you add an entirely new, visual dimension to your B2B marketing strategy.

Start Generating Leads On Facebook Today

We have been impressed by the way Facebook has developed its business services over the past 12 months and there are exciting developments still in the pipeline. Expect to see Facebook continue to give LinkedIn a run for its money as the world’s premier B2B social media platform. With a growing B2B business community on Facebook, now is the time to get involved as an early adopter and start making a real impact for your business. Speak to one of our marketing experts today about how to unleash the power of Facebook as a targeted business marketing tool. We have tailored service packages to suit every budget and market sector.

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