5 Lessons To Learn From The Best Mobile Friendly Websites On The Web


With mobile-friendly websites seeing considerably more interaction than non-responsive website designs, ensuring your website is at its best is essential for generating business leads. Mobile usage is edging ahead of desktop computer usage in terms of internet browsing, with the lead becoming more significant with each passing month. Taking advantage of this medium’s popularity is obvious for marketers, but knowing how to do so can be less obvious.

Below are some of the best mobile friendly B2B websites on the web, as well as some important lessons to take from each one in terms of how to keep mobile users happy and engaged.

Think with Google: www.thinkwithgoogle.com

Think with Google is a website that acts as an insight hub for marketers and advertisers. It presents the latest research, useful tools, and case studies for savvy marketing and advertising companies to use to their advantage. Consolidating almost 2,000 pieces of content in one easy-to-browse website cannot have been easy, but this responsive design makes things easy to find.

Lessons 1, 2 and 3: By using a simple layout, this site is easy to browse through, but its colourful look attracts the eye. The flat design is also easier on mobile viewers’ eyes, as the lack of prominent shadows and 3-dimensional effects shows up better on mobile devices.

These three elements - simplicity, attractiveness, and flat design - are useful for your own site, as Google has clearly found a way to present a lot of information in a compact and user-friendly manner.

Accenture: www.accenture.com

This website - or more accurately, iPhone app - promotes Accenture’s business to business services as well as news, relevant information and thought leadership pieces. Accenture provides management consulting, outsourcing and technology services to businesses across the globe. The app was created in 2011, but its design has many useful applications for mobile friendly websites.

Lesson 4: Accenture uses what is called a “hero image,” an image that is designed to encapsulate a brand or company’s ideals. By using one strong image - usually an inspiring photograph - companies can deliver a strong message quickly and almost subliminally. However, when using hero images for yourself, ensure that it does not take up too much vital real estate on your site - the best mobile friendly websites strike a good balance between image and text.

Total Apps: www.total-apps.com

This business helps charities and not-for-profits to raise funding directly through videos posted on Facebook. As the service is new, an uncomplicated, user-friendly website is vital for promoting the company’s message and services. Video is a vital part of this service, but as video is a tricky area for mobiles to handle, this site keeps it to a minimum.

Lesson 5: This website is notably easy to navigate and understand because of its use of icons. A desktop website does not have to condense all of its information into small chunks, as users can scroll fairly swiftly down a page and click through easily to other parts of the site. On a mobile site, information has to be parcelled simply, and breaking this information down and adding icons is a good way to impart data and tell a story all in one.

Bonus lesson: Much like having a hero image, this site has a repeating video, which has been kept light on content and short to ensure that mobile data is not adversely affected. An informative video, for the right brand or company service, can be useful; however, keeping it short and sweet is important to ensure that mobile users do not get put off with slow loading times or pixelated visuals.

As you can see, the best mobile-friendly websites keep things simple and succinct. By using icons, flat design, and hero images, you can also develop a user-friendly and mobile-friendly website design that will encourage the generation of leads. Learn more about what makes a great B2B mobile website with this great article - Building A B2B Mobile Website? 8 Must-Know Ingredients To Include

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