What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are web pages that are designed specifically to increase the load times of mobile pages and improve the user experience. Many mobile web pages are slow to load, taking over 10 seconds or more on a 3G connection, and this results in lots of users leaving a site before it even loads. The reason for these excessive loading times is overly complex page designs and a desire to monetise our websites. AMP is a turn-key solution for these issues, developed by Google and backed by many various platforms.

AMP is made up of three core components that work together to create a faster mobile experience than would be possible using a standard CMS. But what exactly makes it faster?

How Does AMP Improve Loading Speed?

As I said, AMP is made up of three core components, this being AMP HTML, AMP JS and AMP Cache. AMP HTML is a stripped down version of the standard HTML. It prevents the use of especially large code such as forms, JavaScript and CSS. A version of CSS is included but again, it is stripped down to the necessities.

AMP JS is a custom version of JavaScript that is designed to reduce the stress that it puts the web page under. It is a lightweight version of the code and prevents the need to add JavaScript code manually.

AMP Cache allows Google to store a cache of your web page and host it on their servers. This removed the need to for extra communication between servers and reduces load time by doing so. Anyone can cache your web page ensuring that faster loading times and a more user-friendly experience is accessible. As well as creating caches, AMP cache is the software that ensures that only AMP pages are displayed. You can still add personal advertisements and install tracking code despite the page being hosted elsewhere. In fact, there are 75+ monetisation templates and 25+ integrated tracking software available.

How Does An AMP Appear In Your Search Results?

As made clear by the name, Accelerated Mobile Pages are exclusive to mobile users, so they will only show up on a mobile devices search results. When you make a Google search on your mobile device, the AMP results will appear in a carousel of images that you can swipe through in order to find the result that is most relevant. This will be located at the very top of the page, above the standard results. Only an AMP will appear in this section so if you plan on creating an AMP it is a great way of getting your content seen.

Why Should Businesses Create An Amp?

Building Accelerated Mobile Pages for your website will benefit your website in many ways.

  1. AMPs always appear at the top of the search results, so naturally, you want to claim a spot with the very first results on the page. You even get ahead of PPC results this way!
  2. Having a mobile page that loads quickly will mean your website will be chosen over your slower-loading competitors. People will be loading your pages quickly and leaving the websites that can't keep up.
  3. Websites don't just load faster but also improve user experience which means visitors will enjoy spending time on your website. And with features such as images that only load while they're being looked at, your website won't be put under any unnecessary stress.

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