How To Get More Customers Online

How to get more customers online

There is no denying that the way we attract customers to your business today, as apposed to 10 years ago, has drastically changed. There is a new generation of customers emerging in the Internet age. Customers who research before they make a decision, customers who want to try before they buy, customers who rely on the opinions of others in their social network and on review sites before making any decisions. Then you have the customers on the move! The ones who make purchase decisions on the go straight from their mobile phones and Ipads.

Is your marketing strategy keeping up with your customers? One thing is for sure, if you want new customers in numbers you will need to learn how to get more customers online.

To do this as a very bare minimum you need a website and you need visitors to the website! So lets explore these two elements in more detail…

Your Website:

Always set your website up to speak to your customers. There is nothing more off putting subconsciously than a website that only speaks about the company and what they do!! Get your copy, right. Visitors to your site are interested in what you can do for them! Sure trust is a major part in their decision-making and they need to know what you offer, but the majority of websites I come across are talking themselves up 80% of the time and not really communicating their actual value to the potential customer.

Secondly, set your website up to cater for people in all stages of the buyer journey. By doing this you are helping prospects through educating them on the best solution for them, and guiding them through the decision making process, so that when they are ready to buy they choose you!

For more information on what I mean by this watch this video

Once your website is set up correctly you are ready to start sending more people to it. This is where step 2 comes in:


Lets face the facts, your potential customers are spending most of their time online these days. Whether that be on Social Media, Google, Emails or Youtube. To get more customers online you must get your offer in front of them! You can do this in two main ways:

1. Organically

2. Paid Advertising

Simply put, when it comes to traffic and how to get more customers online…

When they are searching for what you do, you come up trumps. This does not just mean position 1 of Google. If they are searching for something in Youtube you need to be there, if they are searching for reviews you need to be there, if they are on Social Media – YOU NEED TO BE THERE.

Once you have a good level of traffic going to your website please remember to Measure everything!

How you get more customers online will be clear to you when you are measuring everything you do! When you are combining multiple strategies and have multiple traffic streams it is imperative that you have a good process to test and measure your campaigns, so that you can stop doing the things that are not working for you, and do more of the things that are working.

The most commonly used measuring tool for site visitors is Google Analytics read this article for more information on what you can do with this tool. Please insert a link here to an article on analytics

Once you have these three things in place you are off to a great start, however it does not stop there. There are many factors that come into a successful online marketing campaign, such as: Conversion rate optimisation, lead capturing, lead nurturing, follow ups, up selling, cross selling, mobile marketing and much more.

The online world is full of hidden opportunities for you and your business and done right, will set your business up to be a leader in your field for years to come.

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