How Much Does Blogging For Business Cost?

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Content based marketing is a great way to get your business's message out there. When a potential client finds you organically, your chances of a successful conversion are much higher. But it can be tricky to generate great content, and many businesses fall into the trap of trying to produce it in-house.

There are any number of difficulties that a business can encounter when creating content, and the dangers are very real. Your web presence is how people see you online. What you present is how you will be known, for better or worse. When your business isn't actively involved with marketing, considering some professional help will take you a lot further.

The cheapest form of content creation is writing, but this has been a pitfall for many businesses. Just because you have employees that are literate, it doesn't mean that you have the appropriate marketing writers on staff. Professional marketing writing is structured with specific end-goals in mind, and having a good team behind the writer is vital. Blogging for business isn't as expensive as you may think, and creative content will give you a much better chance of drawing in organic leads.

Your business's image is extremely important, and there may be some angles to content based marketing that you are overlooking. Creative professionals offer you a lot of value, and you will be putting together an authoritative online presence that is extremely necessary in today's world.

In-House Oversights

Think about why you hired your employees.

Is it because they were proficient in writing marketing content for the internet?

Unless you are a professional marketing agency, or have an in-house team, the answer is probably no. Before you set your employees to creating content for your marketing campaign, think about what you are doing. We are now a highly specialised economy and there are people who do this professionally. You don’t have to take on everything yourself.

In addition to your employees' relative inexperience in the world of content creation, they are already working for you full time on their main role. This means that even if they were a skilled writer, they will have to fit it into their present workload. Something has to give.

If your employees aren't skilled content writers, and you heap more work onto them, you are going to get content that shouldn't be shown to anyone. The results certainly shouldn't be used to carefully craft your business's online image.

Do It Better

A person does something professionally because they are more proficient than a normal person in a given field. This is as true in the creative fields as it is in any other. When you want your toilet to be fixed, you don't dispatch your secretary to the bathroom with a wrench.

You call a plumber.

If you want consistent blog content that represents your business's commitment to quality, professionals are required. When you look at the way large companies promote themselves, you will notice that they hire professionals to market their products and shape their public image.

Major corporations know the value that marketing professionals provide. They are also willing to pay for the results that professionals produce. Look at the cost of marketing, and think about what your public image is worth.

If you sell in a retail setting, you know how important a well thought out showroom is. The content you present on the internet is similar, but has a much wider reach. If your web presence is lacking, you may as well be invisible. Worse yet, if your site and content is of a poor quality, people will make negative associations about your brand.

An Agency Can Help You

If you are worried about the costs or time involved with writing and maintaining a business blog, talk to an agency such as ourselves. You will be opening yourself up to people that want to make your business look great, and have oodles of experience doing it.

Blogging, as with other forms of marketing, is scalable, and every company can benefit from professional assistance. Using your employees to do important marketing work is self-defeating. You are almost certainly hurting your image, and throwing away your time. Get in touch with one of our specialists and let’s set up an approach to blogging and content marketing that works for your business. Unless you have the money to start up your own marketing division, using an agency is your most cost-effective option.

In addition to helping you create engaging content, an agency can help you integrate it into an overall marketing strategy. Tactics like AdWords, social media promotions and email marketing can work alongside business blogging and help you grow your online strategy without a huge additional cost.

Using an agency like JDR that is familiar with a holistic marketing approach will speed up your online image building, and make sure you aren't wasting your money. There are many common mistakes that businesses make with blogging, and your in-house team probably isn't familiar with them all. Give us a call and take advantage of all the expertise and advice our team can offer you.

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