Have you Heard of Twitter Fabric? Future Steps to Drive New Customers Through Twitter


Twitter is the first place many of us now go to see the latest news being shared, what is most popular, what images, messages and videos are being shared. The beauty of Twitter in my opinion is that you can pick up the latest news and it can be shared and retweeted within seconds all around the world. 

But did you know that Twitter has just announced their latest development called Twitter Fabric?

What does the New Twitter Fabric Launch mean?

Twitter Fabric is a significant move forward for the technology industry. This update will include 3 main areas including;

  • Crashlytics, which allow new apps to be tested.
  • Twitterkit is also included which I think is extremely useful, allowing apps to integrate with Twitter’s real-time news and information. This means for any business wanting to advertise through mobile apps, their Twitter news will be shared directly through these apps. This is particularly useful for marketing teams to promote your products, articles and other messages.

How will this Twitter technology benefit businesses in the future?

As mobile app technology is advancing mobile apps have many more features for customers to interact with and engage with, not only the buttons and features they expect to see. This new Fabric update will help to make mobile apps much more effective. 

This new update will make sure that cross channel adverts can be seen more easily by new customers. They may be looking at their Twitter news for example on a desktop computer, their mobile phone, their tablet or their iPad all within the same day. This new development will make access to cross channel adverts much easier.

Video adverts are seen by potential customers every day on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, however they expect the quality of the adverts to be good, if they are likely to enquire and purchase from you. If through your advert they have a positive experience they may consider purchasing that product in the near future. The Twitter Fabric update will help improve the quality of these video adverts and Facebook has already done something similar through their Atlas update.

What are the main video advertising benefits?  

  • One of the main benefits of video advertising is that they can be shared in many places on the internet. You can share them on your website and all your social media channels. 
  • If you want to promote different products, you can have a different video for each one. 
  • However if you are a manufacturing company you may just want an overview of how your products are developed from start to finish. Your customers will be looking for businesses who are reliable, have a good reputation and someone who they can trust and who can provide support. 

As the festive season is creeping closer Christmas TV adverts and campaigns are now being talked about on a range of social media channels. Do you remember the Bear and the Hare TV advert for John Lewis last year?

What is it that John Lewis are doing differently this year? They are creating an instore experience called Monty’s Den to combine with the latest technologies including Google Cardboard and giving customers the chance to step into Monty and Sam’s virtual world, (the characters from this years TV advert). You can watch the new John Lewis friendship inspired TV advert on Youtube here

Significantly, they have also launched their Twitter Twinkle app which will post positive messages about Christmas from fans accounts. This is to really try and communicate with their customer groups and to encourage them to find out more about John Lewis products. 

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 Article by Laura Morris-Richardson