How did 2 teenagers manage to get £20 out of a financial director in less than 4 minutes using a Rubik's Cube?

In our office this year we are supporting our armed forces in the ‘Support our Soldiers Christmas Parcel Appeal.’ Basically we are sending some festive cheer to all members of the British Armed Forces serving overseas this Christmas by filling shoe boxes with all sorts of goodies designed to put a smile on our soldiers faces this Christmas whilst they are serving our country, far away from their families. 

rubiks cube originalOne of the gifts donated by one of our staff members was a Rubik's Cube.  This brought back some fond memories for me. Having grown up with a Rubiks cube, and having whittled away years of my childhood trying to figure out how to solve the Rubik's Cube, I know first-hand how difficult this particular puzzle can be.  

The cube sat around the office for a couple of days until one of the guys started playing with it. Of course, as we know, once you start the cube it is very difficult to put it down without being fixated on completing the puzzle. Adam and Matt spent a day manually trying to figure out the cube (with a little help from the internet of course). After all, they are both 18 years old and don’t do anything without consulting Google or YouTube first! 

After a whole day of agony they finally got a glimpse into my pain from my childhood! And the cube was still not solved.

The following morning they both declared that today was the day they were going to solve the cube once and for all.  A very bold statement backed by a challenge.  They bet that they would complete the Rubik's Cube by the end of the day, only working on it in their lunch and coffee breaks.

Of course I thought this was bold given that they had tried everything the day before and not succeeded.  Coupled with the fact that I had spent years of my younger life on the puzzle and still to this day have not yet managed to complete one!

The challenge was set!  I put £20 down on the table and said: ‘You’re on!’

A Lesson In Our Future Customers

Four minutes later I was £20 lighter! Would you believe it? In less than 4 minutes they had beaten the nemesis of my childhood.  At first I was in shock, then in awe!  How had they managed to do this?

Well apparently there’s an app for that!  I had totally underestimated the technological genius of youth! 

We now have a completed Rubik's Cube and two very-pleased-with-themselves teenagers.  So is the lesson here 'never underestimate technology' - or is it 'never underestimate how the upcoming generation is using technology as second nature in everything that they do?'

So while I am £20 lighter I am actually smiling to myself knowing that I will never forget this lesson. Also secure in the knowledge that at JDR we are helping businesses stay in tune with their future customers by the digital marketing services we provide. Times are moving on, and as business owners it is our duty to move with them, if we fail to do so - we fail our future customers.

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Article by Leanne Mordue