5 Effective B2B Sales Techniques: Driving Growth for UK SMEs

A UK B2B business securing sales after using the effective sales techniques to drive growth

B2B sales are a different proposition to B2C. When dealing with other businesses, sales cycles are typically longer, more decision-makers are involved with the sale, and a greater level of technical detail and persuasion as required, and with dealing with private customers. This can make it difficult to close deals with potential clients, especially when using digital channels. However, with the right approach to B2B sales, you can increase your chances of driving growth for your SLA and winning over more clients. Let’s explore five effective techniques that UK SMEs can use to boost their sales efforts and drive business growth, whether off-line or digitally.

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1. Focus on building strong relationships

Developing and nurturing relationships with clients is the bedrock of B2B sales, and this is equally true when making sales through email marketing or LinkedIn, as it is through traditional face-to-face channels. Take the time to get to know your prospects and their business needs at the early stages of the sales journey, understanding the challenges that they face and offering proactive solutions to overcome them. Make sure you keep in touch with your prospects and clients regularly, whether it’s through LinkedIn messages, emails, or personalised content, showing them that you value their business.

2. Make full use of social media

Business social media has made online B2B sales personal gain, so make full use of the excellent tools provided by Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to build your brand and reach a wider audience of business decision-makers. LinkedIn in particular is a superb platform for B2B networking as it allows you to reach out directly to potential clients and establish connections, without ever having to pick up the phone or attend a networking lunch. Use your personal LinkedIn profile and company pays to showcase your expertise, share content that is relevant and insightful to your customers needs, and engage with your followers without pushing sales all the time. By leveraging social media effectively, you will increase your business visibility and credibility among your potential market.

3. Create personalised sales messages

Traditionally, B2B sales have always been intensely personal, and this remains true with digital marketing. When approaching new potential customers or creating content for a specific audience, it’s important to personalise your sales and marketing messages to their specific needs and sales points – which involves doing your research and understanding their business challenges and goals. Brainstorming a series of buyer personas or ideal customer profiles will help you to do this. 

4. Sell solutions, not products

Business buyers are not as much interested in your product or service itself as they are in a solution to a business-specific problem, so once you’ve identified a qualified lead, it’s essential to present your business in terms of a solution to your customer’s pain points. If you’ve successfully tailored your sales and marketing messages, you’ll be able to focus on the value of your products and services and the benefits it provides. Make full use of case studies, testimonials, and social proof to demonstrate how your solution has helped other customers in similar situations.

5. Close the deal

This is the culmination of all your hard work, and is often when B2B sales can sputter out. To increase your chance of closing the deal and preventing the sales process from losing momentum, make sure you are equipped with a clear understanding of the buying process and decision-making criteria – i.e. does the person you’re dealing with have the authority to make a decision, or do they need buy in from 15 directors before they can say yes, and have they got the budget to purchase from you this year, or will you have to wait until the next budget is approved? Address any objections or concerns the buyer may have and provide clear next steps and be proactive in offering help and support throughout the process. It’s also important to follow up your lead regularly, but not excessively. Persistence is key, but don’t risk alienating the prospect with too many calls or emails.

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