The Power of the Hashtag and How Important it Has Become


Social media is playing a crucial role in modern day business. The hashtag, made famous by Twitter, is proving to be one of the most vital tools a marketer and business can use to increase its online profile. They are being seen almost everywhere online, and now becoming part of offline marketing in leaflets, brochures and posters. Hashtags are included in a word or phrase, then usually found at the end of a Twitter update, Google+, Facebook or Pinterest post.

Power of Hashtag

Source: The Huffington Post

Developing a strong social media campaign is crucial to your business generating high quality leads. Using hashtags to promote and join conversations is a great free marketing tool that can have a great effect on your brand. But be careful not to make social media mistakes. This article explains in more detail what not to do on social media: 4 Social Media Mistakes That Will Harm Your Business


Social media has become more and more important for business to attract potential customers. Not only do consumers regularly use websites to make their buying decisions but consumers are now increasingly using social media and hashtags to enter conversations with business to make their purchasing decisions.

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Article by Dale Bonser