NEW! 'How To Use LinkedIn For Business' Guide


Do you have a LinkedIn account and want to use it to generate more business for your company? If you are a B2B organisation the answer to this question should be yes!

How To Use LinkedIn For Business - FREE Guide From JDR Group

Over the past year especially we have been approached more frequently by clients asking us about LinkedIn, with questions such as:

In the UK alone, more than 30 million people are active on LinkedIn. These are the people you should be trying to target, especially if you’re a B2B business. One thing to remember, is that LinkedIn is not a traditional social media platform.


While it allows for general socialisation, LinkedIn is made for business, and that’s why people are on it. Using LinkedIn as a tool for creating business has enabled some companies to grow massively. However, numerous businesses have no actual strategy when it comes to LinkedIn:

  • Lots of people that hardly ever log in.
  • Some people just lurk, and don’t interact with people or other businesses.
  • Some people are proactive on it, but don’t generate any business through it.

Because we are constantly getting questions on how to fix these issues, we’ve decided to put together a free guide on LinkedIn and how you can use it to boost your marketing strategy. You can download it from the resources section of our website, under the ‘free guides’ tab.

It covers:

  • How to write an attractive and compelling profile
  • How to quickly build your connections
  • How to generate targeted leads through LinkedIn Ads
  • What type of content you should be posting and sharing
  • How LinkedIn fits into your overall marketing and sales strategy

Here's a video of our very own Will Williamson discussing the guide! 


How to Use LinkedIn for Business Guide


How To Use LinkedIn For Business - FREE Guide From JDR Group

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