Why Just SEO Link Building Isn't Enough: 3 Marketing Trends You Should Try In 2019

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When trying to improve the traffic your website receives, many business owners will rely heavily on SEO. This is completely understandable as researching the topic for even a few minutes unearths a hoard of articles and video that preach SEO as the saviour of websites everywhere. And to be perfectly honest this is somewhat true. SEO is very important to your website and a vital starting point! But a lot of people forget (or fail to realise) that it is just a starting point.

What SEO Does & Why It's Only A Starting Point

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of taking your website and redesigning it with the intention of keeping Google happy (and through that keeping users happy). SEO gets your website ranked higher in a search engines results and therefore results in an increase in traffic. And that's exactly what you want!

So why is SEO only the starting point if it gets you exactly what you want? Well, the reason SEO is only the start is that while you may be getting more website traffic, you'll only receive a very small increase in conversions. This is due to your website only attracting more visitors, not more potential leads. Your numbers mean nothing if they are all time wasters.

After increasing the number of people visiting your website, it's time to take the next step and make those visitors more relevant and more likely to convert. Here is how you do that...

1) PPC & AdWords To Attract Specialised Leads

Whilst SEO helps get everyone to visit your website, AdWords is a trend that allows you to choose specific keywords and search terms and boost the visits from the relevant people exclusively. Using AdWords you can start to convert some of those useless new visitors into potential leads that you can take along the sales funnel.

2) Personalised Emails To Encourage Your Best Leads

Once you start to get appropriate website visitors and some potential leads, you can start Emailing them personalised content in order to encourage the best leads to return to your website. If someone has read multiple of your articles on a certain service you provide, in the future when you write a new article on that topic you can send it straight to them. You shouldn't however, send them content on topics they've shown no interest in as this will remove the personalised aspect of the Emails.

3) Regular Social Media Posts To Converse With Those That Care

The great thing about social media is that it works as a useful filter to see who is invested in your business, products and services and who isn't. Those that follow you on Twitter, like you on Facebook or subscribe to you on YouTube have shown you that they have a clear interest in some part of your business. You can take advantage of this to talk directly to your best leads and customers and keep them updated on new products and services that may interest them. Doing this will ensure that your best leads regularly visit your website.

This Is Inbound Marketing & The Next Step To Getting More Clients

The above marketing strategies are all part of inbound marketing. This is a marketing tactic that is all about turning useless visitors into great prospects. By taking this next step your website will be able to become an important tool in your generation of customers. Combining SEO and inbound marketing is the best solution for your website.

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