JDR Group’s New Inbound Marketing Certifications From Hubspot


It’s official. The JDR Group has achieved Inbound Marketing Certification, Partner Certification, Hubspot Certification and HubSpot COS Design Certification! 

As of August 2014, the hard work of our team has been rewarded with these four forms of Certification from Hubspot. They demonstrate our expertise in inbound marketing and also our knowledge of Hubspot as a tool to help businesses grow.

About Inbound Marketing

Traditional forms of marketing such as TV advertising, direct mail and cold calling are irrelevant in today’s competitive business world. Inbound marketing has now taken top position as the most impactful, effective method of getting return on investment.

Inbound marketing includes using the following methods to grow your business:

  • Landing pages
  • Analytics

JDR Group have been a HubSpot Partner since 2012 - used to deliver incredible results for companies around the world, HubSpot is an ‘all in one’ marketing solution designed for Inbound Marketing campaigns and used by tens of thousands of businesses.

If you want to find out more about what inbound marketing involves first, read our ‘5 Core Principles of Inbound Marketing’ article.


What does it all mean to you and your website? 

We want you – our client – to feel as excited about these certifications as we are. So here’s an explanation of what they all mean.

Inbound Marketing Certification

The Inbound Marketing Certification covers every aspect of inbound marketing, such as:

1) Essential inbound strategies

2) Optimising your website with blogs, fresh content and social media

3) Understanding what it takes to build effective landing pages and streamline the conversion process

4) Perfecting email marketing

5) Honing your own inbound sales skills

The JDR Group have met the high standards of all of the above, so that you can benefit from the full spectrum of inbound marketing options and find a solution to suit your business. You will see amazing improvements in attract potential customers, converting visitors, closing leads and providing excellent customer satisfaction. 

Hubspot + Partner Certification

This award demonstrates JDR Group’s strong command of HubSpot software. This leaves you safe in the knowledge that your website, emails, social media and more will designed and developed to a high standard. 

Want to improve on any of the following? 

- Planning and strategising inbound operations

- Marketing, selling and delivering your inbound services

- Understanding and monitoring your ROI

All of this can be put into action by JDR, using the HubSpot software platform. As a UK HubSpot partner, we will even be able to advise you on retainer sales and service pricing, so that you can implement solid inbound marketing strategies that are streets ahead of your competitors’. 

HubSpot Design Certification 

This certification involves the proficient use of HubSpot’s Content Optimisation System (COS); a series of design tools and templates which create exciting, personalised and advanced blogs, websites, emails and landing pages. Backed by our experience in HubSpot COS, your inbound marketing can be enhanced with designs that are relevant and engage your target audience.

Being certified for design and optimisation of rich content means that we also have good working knowledge of CSS within HTML, to make your website look professional and up-to-date on all devices.

To claim the design certificate, we have proven our abilities in: 

- Building world-class email templates

- Constructing engaging web page and landing page templates

- Creating effective blog templates

So if you are looking for a UK Inbound Marketing agency, then get in touch – give us a call or else you can request a free Inbound Marketing Assessment.

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Article by Laura Wootton