Replay: How To Use HubSpot To Improve Customer Experience (HubSpot Masterclass)

_HubSpot Masterclass Webinar Customer Experience

HubSpot's Service Hub gives you a way of using technology, including AI and automation, to improve customer experience in your business. And as you know, happier customers are customers who spend more, stay longer, and refer you to other people. 

In this webinar, Emma & Andy look at HubSpot's Service Hub, and asking the question 'how can we use these tools to improve customer experience?' 

In this session, you'll discover how to use HubSpot to:

  • Track and measure how happy your customers are
  • Get real-time alerts about unhappy customers so you can act
  • How to automate new customer onboarding
  • How to make more of your customer service 'hands-off' - saving you and your customers time

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