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What do your Google results say about your business? If you search for your business, are the results good or bad?
Your potential new customers, employees and even suppliers WILL Google you to find out about you. And remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. When you search for your business your website should come up first (if not you need to do some serious SEO work). But before that, do you have the following?

Site links to important internal pages and effective landing pages?
Promotional videos?
5 or more positive Google Places reviews from happy customers?
Social media profiles that make your business look popular, credible, and professional and position you as the experts in your industry?
Positive reviews or references on other 3rd party sites?
Your blog showing fresh, relevant content which demonstrates your expertise in your industry

Many businesses have results that add little to the company credibility – but some have search results that will actually scare off potential customers, employees and suppliers. These include:

  • Bad Google reviews
  • Incomplete or unprofessional looking social media sites
  • Content on blogs, forums or 3rd party websites which criticise your business

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But why wait until negative content appears? By then any damaging content could take weeks or even months to remove which could cost thousands in lost opportunities. Get started today with an online reputation management campaign, contact us on 01332 343281 or via our contact page for a free initial consultation.