JDR Enterprise

JDR Enterprise is a website content management system we have exclusively designed and built for the needs of UK businesses.
Even today, many businesses do not have full control over their websites – and as your biggest single marketing asset, it is vital to have this control.
With JDR Enterprise you can easily edit and change every page of your website as easily as editing a word document

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Here are the key benefits


You can access the website online which means you can access it from anywhere.


When creating the software, SEO was a major priority – using fast loading, lightweight HTML5 code, and having SEO editing and SEO features built in. JDR Enterprise site is easy to optimise for fantastic search engine rankings.

Mobile Responsive

Every new page you create on the site will be automatically mobile-responsive, meaning it will automatically adjust to the screen size of any device you view it on.

You’ll Never Need Another Website

Once built, we are continually updating and upgrading the software so you will never need to buy a new website – it is possible to re-skin/redesign the existing site without replacing the underlying code.

Full Training and Support

We will provide full training to show you and/or your team how to use the software, and have ongoing support to help with any questions you have or anything you need help with once it is up and running.


Our modular system means you can easily add new features (see below), as well as being able to integrate third party applications and plugins. You’ll also be able to access and edit the design, HTML and CSS files, making it easy to make design changes as well as content changes, and to embed videos, iframes and forms.


Unlike most content management systems available today, E-commerce is not a bolt-on with JDR Enterprise – it is part of the system.