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If you’ve ever wondered how to:

  • Generate more targeted leads from your website
  • Get a return on the time spent blogging and on social media
  • Get our sales and marketing teams to work more effectively together
  • Measure where business actually comes from
  • Find out who has been visiting your website
  • Automate more of your marketing

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How JDR Can Help:


Create Compelling Content

Creating audience-focussed content that your buyers find useful, interesting or helpful is the key to getting more website traffic, more social shares, more inbound links, and building your business credibility


Automate Your Marketing

Marketing Technology allows you to nurture and build relationships with prospects and customers in an automated way.


Measure & Analyse

You can learn who is visiting your website, where your leads come from, which campaigns lead to results and which ones don’t, and measure the ROI on all marketing activity.


Strategy & Planning

Targeting the right buyer personas, using the right keywords, choosing the best social media channels, mapping out buyer journeys and editorial plans to help you plan a campaign that will achieve your goals.


Partnership Approach

We believe in building long-term relationships and believe in working with you and your existing team and agencies to increase your knowledge and skills as well as producing great results.


Multiple Traffic Strategies

We have the team and the knowledge to be able to significantly increase the number of website visitors you currently attract and improve conversion rates to get more leads and sales.



“I knew marketing technology had moved on… I just didn’t know how much!”

Francesco, Insurance Company

“I could only get the same service by going and talking to 6 or 7 different agencies”

Martin, Solar Panels Company

Book Your Inbound Marketing Audit Today. You Will Learn:

  • How to almost triple your website traffic in the next two years
  • How to increase lead generation and sales from social media and blogging, and create measurable ROI
  • How to build a fully automated lead generation ‘machine’ that consistently produces sales opportunities
  • How your sales and marketing teams can collaborate even better to make sales and marketing ‘as one’
  • How to develop a winning strategy that will put your company streets ahead of it’s nearest competitors

We’ll Review Your Current Marketing With You, Including:

  • Your websites search engine visibility
  • Your current content strategy
  • Your social media activity
  • Your email marketing

We’ll also give you a comprehensive Website Analysis Report for you to keep, completely free.

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